The Golden Quill Awards is a multi-fandom annual awards program run by WendWriter. Launched in August 2009, it is affiliated to the Archives of Excellence and was set up to differentiate the Awards from the monthly writing challenge on the Archives. Family-friendly stories are nominated by genre and voted for by poll. Nominations commence on March 1st and continue until the end of May. The month of June is spent collating and validating the entries, and the polls open on July 1st and carry on till the end of August. Winners are announced on September 1st.

Icons are available for entrants, and the winners receive both an icon and a profile on the Archives of Excellence, if they have not got one already. Those who are already featured authors have their winner's icon added to their page.

The Golden Quill Awards have attracted the attention of fandom writers such as Virtuella and Lindahoyland; website owners Dawn Felagund and Nilmandra; and has been name-checked on Middle-earth News and other websites and blogs.

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Archives of Excellence

Golden Quill Awards

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