In their bedroom, Becky, Twilight, and Stella were packing up their stuff in their suitcases and Stella wrote a note for running away. "That's it! I'm going to run away from home, no matter what Baloo says!" Becky angrily muttered to herself, as she unlocked the door with the key in her hand and opened it.

She motioned Twilight and Stella out of their room and went downstairs with their suitcases in their hands and out the front door, as Baloo, who didn't notice them, was sleeping.

As Becky, Twilight, and Stella made it out of the house, they left Townsville in anger and determination. "Come on, girls. We're going to spend the rest of our lives, running away." Becky said, as she, Twilight, and Stella approached the haunted mansion in the middle of the haunted jungle.

"You first, Becky." Stella urged, as Becky opened the door and she, Twilight, and Stella went inside the mansion and the door closed itself.

"What happened? The door closed behind us." Twilight said, as the lights from the candles lit up by themselves.

"Well, we're here. Let's see if we can find a place where we can sleep for the night." Becky said, as she, Twilight, and Stella entered the master bedroom and fell asleep in the master bedroom. "Goodnight, girls." Becky said, warmly to Twilight and Stella, who were already fast asleep, as she snuggled down in the blanket and fell fast asleep.

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