The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 warped out of the Sol system at the end of Star Trek Into Darkness and arrived at Rigel VII. The normal landing party beamed down to the planet leaving Sulu in command. They were searching the big city when they were attacked by a Kalar. Scotty set his phaser to vaporize and killed the Kalar. Captain Kirk noted that there would be more Kalar coming, so he told the landing party to stay alert. 3 Kalar jumped out and attacked the landing party. In response, the landing party killed the 3 Kalar. Kirk realized that they would have to kill a large number of Kalar on the planet, so he cancelled the landing party and everyone beamed back to the Enterprise. Spock advised Kirk that he broke the Prime Directive. Kirk told Spock to chill out. The Enterprise left the Rigel system and warped to Cygnius VIII.