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The Dream Land is the first chapter in Megasean3000's fanfiction Wudai Warrior Adventures. It is from Xiaolin Showdown.

Episode Recap

When Kimiko loses a Xiaolin Showdown to Hannibal Bean for the Emerald of Samapara, Raimundo sacrifices himself to uphold a wager Kimiko accepted, by sealing himself in the Dream Land, a 1500 year old realm that was sealed for eternity. On entering he Dream Land, Raimundo meets Samapara, a young girl who is apparently the Empress. She agrees to help him to escape, but when Raimundo is captured by the Emperor of Nightmares, a dark demonic emperor who wishes to escape with Hannibal and rule the world, it is up to the other Warriors to help Raimundo and stop the Emperor.

Episode Notes

  • First appearance of Samapara, Empress of Dreams.
  • Kimiko is afraid of the dark.
  • Wuya apparently keeps a chart of who has what Shen Gong Wu.
  • Samapara is free from the Dream Land and now lives with Master Monk Guan, while Samapara's Doppelganger takes care of the Dream Land.
  • In Raimund's mind, he loves Kimiko, as forementioned by Samapara, and her caretaker: Dashi.
  • If a competitor cheats during a Xiaolin Showdown, that results in the opposition in losing, then the opposition is allowed to bring a replacement team-mate into the Xiaolin Showdown, and wager an extra Shen Gong Wu.

Xiaolin Showdowns

Kimiko Versus Hannibal Roy Bean

  • Normal Xiaolin Showdown
  • Fight for: Emerald of Samapara
  • Kimiko Wagers: Orb of Tornami
  • Hannibal Wagers: Shroud of Shadows
  • Extra cost: The loser is banished to the Dream Land
  • Challenge: First to cross the cave to the Shen Gong Wu wins.
  • Hannibal Won

Raimundo and Samapara Versus Hannibal Roy Bean and Emperor of Nightmares

  • Xiaolin Showdown Tsunami
  • Kimiko switches with Samapara, because Samapara fell because Hannibal used the Tangle Web Comb, which wasn't wagered.
  • Fight for: Garnet of Samapara
  • Raimundo Wagers: Golden Tiger Claws
  • Kimiko/Samapara Wagers: Mantis Flip Coin/Lasso Boa Boa
  • Hannibal Wagers: Orb of Tornami/Tangle Web Comb
  • Emperor of Nightmares Wagers: Shroud of Shadows
  • Challenge: First to fall loses.
  • Raimundo and Kimiko Won.

Shen Gong Wu

Emerald of Samapara

  • Description: A green gem about the size of the palm of your hand.
  • Abilities: It allows the user/victim to transport him/herself to the Dream Land, a mystical realm that was sealed for 1500 years.But once you use this Shen Gong Wu, there is no return.
  • Location: Inside a dark cave.

Garnet of Samapara

  • Description: Same as the Emerald of Samapara, only red.
  • Abilities: Sister Shen Gong Wu to the Emerald of Samapara, it transports the user back to the real world, if you are locked in the Dream Land.
  • Location: In the Dream Land, in the Emeperor of Nightmares' Castle.

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