This series takes 4 friends and 8 parents into the future darklands.

The Darkland future chronicles: The Bad City of Metropolis
Sci Fiction/Action


Created by
Etenitey the hedgehog


Etenitey the hedgehog and Chomper4


SuperSaiyanKirby and Manta Bee


No. of episodes


Run time
20 min. (without commercials)




English Network
Stunts TV and ShoTV




First aired
December 28, 2009


Last aired



The Kids of this Chronicles

  • Rob Bob- A boy who is a master at electronics.
  • Tom Mom-A boy who loves his mom, Karen Mom and loves his dad, Fred Mom.
  • Clara Marra-A girl who likes to play with dolls and pretend the dolls are marrying each other and making the dolls have dates.
  • Alexis Teds-A girl who likes teddy bears and is half Indian.

The Kids' parents


  • Zozoars-The main villain in the show.
  • Sosoarz-Zozoars's opposite that is only a villain for only season 1.
  • Kyle Nomicon-The Kids' old friend who is having revenge due for the kids didn't allow him to come to the future.
  • Dr. Nordos M. Lawrence-A robot who wants to turn trees into monsters.
  • Count Fangula-A vampire who followed the kids and parents into the future.
  • Jaggeredzonist-A dragon man that making a evil cure that will make Kyle Nomicon invincible.
  • King Collosus-A big snow man that is going to take over Antarctica and the Arctic circle and the Arctic Ocean.
  • Techno King Auto Possi-A man who wants to collect all knowledge of everyone in the whole entire universe. Also, to have the cookie in Clara's pocket.
  • Ozozoars-A opposite of Zozoars and Sosoarz and is a big meanie.
  • Theif-A person who stole MEGAtron's experiment, the Protopettron.

more will be added throughout the show.



Season 1

  1. To the future
  2. Enter Kyle
  3. Meet the mayor
  4. The snow day
  5. The theif chase, part 1
  6. The meeting with the president
  7. The Darkland future chronicles: The Bad City of Metropolis vs. Ratchet and Clank:The televison series
  8. The theif chase, part 2
  9. The galactic annual races
  10. Clara vs. Possi

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