Four cats padded across the gorse tunnel and stared up at the stars of Silverpelt.

Remember Tigerclaw said if we attack ThunderClan then we can join him, A white tom with jet black paws meowed.

I know Blackfoot, A ginger she-cat meowed.

Jaggedtooth, Boulder, and Russetfur I need you to keep a look out for any signs of ThunderClan, Blackfoot mewed.

Blackfoot would be ready for anything, and soon he would join Tigerclaw to gain power.

Chapter 3:

Fireheart was still struggling free from the rouge. Soon a yowl rose across the clearing and a Dark-Brown tabby tom was carrying a clump of Blue-Gray fur, it was Bluestar! Soon the rouge freed Fireheart and padded toward Tigerclaw.

Tigerclaw leaped onto the Highrock to announce a meeting.

Cats of ThunderClan, Bluestar has died, Tigerclaw meowed. Fireheart looked at his dead Leader in astonishment.

Today the rouges will be pay for killing Bluestar, They will join ThunderClan, Tigerclaw mewed. Murmers of disapproval yowled across the ThunderClan deputy.

Tonight I will go to the Moonstone to recieve my nine lives but first I must do a warrior ceremony, Tigerclaw meowed. Blackfoot, Boulder, Brokentail, Russetfur, and Jaggedtooth padded beneath the Highrock.

Brokentail, Blackfoot, Boulder, Russetfur, and Jaggedtooth you are now warriors of ThunderClan, Tigerclaw padded toward the five cats and touched noses with them. Fireheart turned to see Graystripe padding toward him.

Tigerclaw killed Bluestar!, Graystripe meowed

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