Jenny was very upset! She was upset because she wasn't playing the violin too well! Jenny felt that it was too hard! Jenny went to talk to her mother! She told her mother that she wasn't playing the violin too well and that it was too hard! So Jenny and her mother tried to find an instrument that Jenny would have no difficulty playing, but she was having trouble choosing. She was so confused. Jenny ran out of the music store and thought about jumping off the bridge. Jenny went to the bridge and prepared to jump into the river, but she realized that it was the wrong thing to do, so she started walking home. A kind truck driver showed up and offered to give Jenny a ride. Jenny said "Sure!" and she jumped into the truck. As the truck was driving, a porcupine named Yogi was crossing the street when he was hit and killed by the truck! The truck's tires were punctured by Yogi's quills, causing a blowout. The truck lost control and went off a bridge and landed on a yacht. The crew of the yacht, the truck driver, Jenny and Yogi were all killed that tragic night.

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