Control Freak was a Decepticon that was a robot and a school bus. When he went to Angel Grove, he picked up about 50 kids in his school bus, transformed into Control Freak, and took off for Rubicon. The Dinobots and Autobots went looking for Control Freak. They laid a trap so enticing that Control Freak would not be able to resist. He fell for the ruse and was captured in an eco-stasis field. He transformed back into a school bus and the driver and students were able to escape. Laserbeak and Optimus Prime took the students and driver back to Earth. They returned to Rubicon but Control Freak was gone. Optimus Prime figured since he was defenseless he would be rescued. The Autobots put a homing chip in Control Freak and now the Autobots knew the hideout of the Decepticons. Every Autobot available led the invasion of the Decepticon hideout. The Autobots vaporized the planetoid and said "At last, we got rid of the Decepticons!" But, unknown to the Autobots and Dinobots, the Decepticons knew the invasion was coming and transferred their headquarters to a new location. The saga continues!

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