On the planet Earth, Cecile was falling in love with her black cello teacher Ronald Clifford. The evil Emperor Bad Vader saw this happening and tricked Cecile's best friend, Kathryn, into letting Cecile's mother, Mrs. Caldwell, know about it. Mrs. Caldwell became very angry. She burst into the study room while Ronald was giving Cecile a cello lesson. Mrs. Caldwell yelled at Ronald and fired him for being black and fooling around with Cecile. She sent Cecile up to her room and forbade Ronald from seeing Cecile again. Cecile was in her room, crying, when Bad Vader appeared. Kathryn and her stepbrother Sebastian Valmont called Cecile to warn her that Bad Vader was coming. Sebastian told Cecile "It's a trap!" But it was too late. Bad Vader captured Cecile. Bad Vader took Cecile to his battleship and tortured her. Good Vader learned of Cecile's capture and he set off to rescue her. Good Vader confronted Bad Vader and an epic lightsaber battle began. Good Vader lopped off Bad Vader's head, killing him. Good Vader then killed all of Bad Vader's Imperial guards. Good Vader rescued Cecile. Cecile was very happy to see Good Vader. With the help of Cecile and Ronald, Good Vader exposed Mrs. Caldwell as an ally of Bad Vader. Mrs. Caldwell was placed under arrest for siding with the Forces of Evil and was sent to prison.