When Jacqueline, the Zeo Power Rangers, the Kakurangers, the Hana Rangers, the Guardian Warriors, the Dragon Ninjas, Sailor Moon, the Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, the Beetleborgs, and Shadow Borg returned to the Power Chamber expecting Billy to have become the Gold Ranger, Billy, looking crestfallen as he turned to face them, said that the power of the Gold Ranger couldn't be infused into him; he said he'd run a biomolecular scan on himself and explained that when the Command Center had blown up, he'd absorbed an extremely high dosage of "negative proton molecules" which resisted the Golden power like two magnets (presumably the like poles of two magnets) put together. Just then, the three Treys cried in pain! It is revealed that the three Treys are dying! The three Treys tell Jacqueline that Laura has to take the Golden Power to crush the forces of evil! With their last breath, the three Treys told Laura to protect the Golden Power! Then they died! Everybody was devastated! Just then, a gold eagle rose from the bodies of the three Treys and went right into Laura's body, transforming her into the powerful Gold Eagle!

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