The story begins with the Beetleborgs fighting Shadow Borg. Red Striker drew her Sonic Laser, but Shadow Borg drew his Shadow Laser and fired on her, Blue Stinger, and Green Hunter, knocking them down. Shadow Borg said "Feeling lucky, Borgs?" Just then, the evil Dark General showed up. The White Fairy appeared and turned Shadow Borg good. Shadow Borg also got a new weapon: the Shadow Saber! Shadow Borg joined forces with the Beetleborgs to fight Dark General. The 4 heroes battled Dark General in an epic battle. The White Fairy gave Shadow Borg and the Beetleborgs a new weapon: the Beetle Bazooka! The Beetleborgs and Shadow Borg used the Beetle Bazooka against Dark General. The Beetleborgs and Shadow Borg fired the Beetle Bazooka on Dark General, defeating him. Dark General retreated. The good guys had won again.

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