The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 was on her way to meet the USS Horizon in the Omega star system! As the Enterprise was on her way to the Omega system, she encountered the Astro Megaship! The Astro Megaship came from the Power Rangers universe. The Astro Megaship asked the Enterprise to meet the NSEA Protector. The Enterprise told the Astro Megaship that she could not meet the NSEA Protector because she had to meet the Horizon in the Omega system. The Enterprise then warped to the Omega system. When the Enterprise arrived in the Omega system, she met the Horizon, who told Enterprise that a vortex had been discovered. The Enterprise and Horizon encountered the vortex. Emerging from the vortex was the Super Star Destroyer Executor. The Horizon alerted Starfleet, which sent the entire Federation First Fleet to the Omega system. When the Federation First Fleet arrived in the Omega system, a fierce battle ensued in which 6 Federation ships were destroyed and another 10 suffered bad damage. The Executor was not so lucky. She was destroyed with all hands lost, except for Darth Vader, who escaped in his TIE Advanced fighter. Vader went back to the Star Wars universe and back to Coruscant, where he met up with his Master, Emperor Palpatine.

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