The RMS Titanic was meant to make lots of money, not necessarily to foster any kind of societal benefit. She wasn't a massive dam that would send energy to the people in the valley below, and she certainly wasn't a mighty battleship that might serve to protect the homeland. She was a luxury passenger liner: the very best way in the world to move from here to there. Well, the Federation starship USS New York NCC-2614, under the command of Captain Christopher Michaels, went back in time to 1912. On board the starship was the White Fairy. An evil alien force was going to invade Earth. The people of Earth needed a mighty battleship to protect them. Suddenly, Captain Michaels had an idea: the Titanic could be a battleship. The White Fairy used her magical powers to turn the Titanic into a battleship. The Titanic went to confront the aliens. The Titanic, now armed, battled the alien force. A fierce battle began. The Titanic destroyed 20 alien ships and forced the remaining 5 to retreat. The remaining 5 alien ships retreated and left Earth. The Titanic went back to Southampton and the White Fairy turned the Titanic back into a luxury passenger liner. The USS New York then went back to her own time. The Time King told the Federation. Starfleet did not think too highly of Captain Michaels. Admiral Rogers said "Given the circumstances of your actions, this has been brought to Admiral Collins' attention. He convened a special tribunal to which I was not invited. You understand what Starfleet regulations mandate be done at this point." He then said "They've taken the USS New York away from you. They're sending you back to the Academy!" Christopher Michaels was demoted and sent back to Starfleet Academy.

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