The students were in the classroom one day! Their substitute teacher, Mr. Ralph, gave them a new lesson! That lesson was about Darth Vader! Mr. Ralph handed the students a book with Vader's picture on it! As Mr. Ralph was telling them about Vader, the principal came into the classroom and said "Mr. Ralph, it's after 10:00! The children have music class now!" Mr. Ralph said "All right! Good work, people! We will continue our lesson on Darth Vader when we return! Have a good music class!" The students then went to music class!

At music class, the students practiced a song! There was a guitarist in the orchestra class! When they finished practicing the song, the music teacher said "I have some big news for you!" The clarinet player said "What is it?" The music teacher said "I'm writing an opera!" The orchestra students cheered! The cellist asked "What is this opera about?" The music teacher said "It's very dark!" The cellist said "Ooooh! Scary!"

The evil Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa were watching from their palace on Earth's moon! They created Dark Opera Mask, a monster who got his power from opera music! The more the orchestra class rehearsed, the more havoc he created in Angel Grove Park! Dark Opera Mask was wreaking havoc in Angel Grove Park! The Kakurangers, the Hana Rangers, Guardian Warriors, Dragon Ninjas, Sailor Moon, the Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, FalconMan, StarGirl, JaguarGirl, the Beetleborgs and Shadow Borg battled Dark Opera Mask, but they needed help! So Zordon and Alpha 5 summoned the Power Rangers to the Command Center! The Rangers saw what was going on in Angel Grove Park and they morphed into action! The Power Rangers said “We need Thunder MegaFalconzord power, now!” Thunder MegaFalconzord swooped into action! Thunder MegaFalconzord battled Dark Opera Mask! With a swing of the mighty Zord’s sword, Dark Opera Mask was destroyed! Angel Grove was safe once more! Thanks, Rangers!  

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