DJ Tanner skipped school one day to get a rock star’s autograph! The rock star’s name was Stacey Q! DJ and her best friend Kimmy Gibbler went to the Mall to meet Stacey Q! DJ and Kimmy waited in line to meet Stacey Q, but it was worth it! DJ and Kimmy met Stacey Q and DJ got her autograph! Suddenly, Joey Gladstone showed up and nabbed her! Joey thought that he was going to let DJ off the hook, but Stephanie told Joey that DJ lied to him and DJ got punished by Joey! DJ wasn’t allowed to go to her karate tournament! DJ was very upset! She said “That’s not fair! Joey, you can’t ground me! You’re not my father!” She went to her father, Danny, and told him that the punishment was unfair! Danny told DJ that Joey was in charge while he was at work and that the punishment was no karate tournament! DJ got very angry! She ran away from home! Danny said “She will die for this!” So he, Joey, and Jesse went to Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa and told them that DJ must die! So Zedd and Rita transformed Danny, Jesse, and Joey into MegaDanny, Mad Joey, and MegaJesse! Zedd and Rita then sent the three monsters to Angel Grove Park! MegaDanny, Mad Joey, and MegaJesse landed in Angel Grove Park and set a trap for DJ! When DJ arrived, she was confronted by MegaDanny, Mad Joey, and MegaJesse! The three monsters attacked DJ! The Kakurangers, Hana Rangers, Guardian Warriors, Dragon Ninjas, FalconMan, JaguarGirl, StarGirl, Sailor Moon, the Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, the Beetleborgs and Shadow Borg showed up and battled MegaDanny, Mad Joey, and MegaJesse! But they needed help! So Zordon and Alpha 5 summoned the Power Rangers to the Command Center! When the Rangers saw what was going on in Angel Grove Park, they morphed into action and said “We need Thunder MegaFalconzord power, now!” Thunder MegaFalconzord swooped into action and battled MegaDanny, Mad Joey, and MegaJesse! With a swing of the mighty Zord’s sword, MegaDanny, Mad Joey, and MegaJesse were destroyed! Angel Grove was safe once more! Thanks, Rangers!

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