Archie And Marvel Comics

Main Characters (The Moore Family They Look Like Michelle And Wear The Same Clothes As Michelle)

Michelle Moore-Michelle Wore An Black Tanktop Showing Her White Stomach She Wore Black Jeans With Dark Brown Belt On It Black Taped Fingerless Gloves On Her Left Hand And An Black Wristband On Her Right Hand She Had Short Dark Brown Hair, Yellow Earrings And Black Shoes She Wore An Long Yellow Jacket And Wore Red Shades On Her Head She Had Dark Brown Eyes With Black Irises Michelle Is The Leader Of Her Family As They Attempt To Restore The World

Jessica Moore

Amber Moore

Kathleen Moore

Tiffany Moore

Amy Moore

Rachael Moore

Jennifer Moore

All Archie Sonic Villains/Marvel Villains

The Amazing Spectacular Michelle Moore Issue # 1 (1993-94)

Story 1: The Horrifying Discovery

  • Inside Michelle's House*

Michelle Moore: *Begins To Fly* *Smiles* Oh Wow I'm Getting Powers Of My Own

Jessica Moore: I Know

Amy Moore: Don't We All *Smiles*

Kathleen Moore: Oh Yes

Rachael Moore: I'm Flying *Smiles* I Got Powers Of My Own Too

Jennifer Moore: Yay!!!!!

Michelle Moore: *Hops Onto Her Hoverboard* Daughters We Got An World To Restore

  • They Fly Off Together*

Michelle Moore: *Looks Down* Oh No The City's Been Destroyed

Rachael Moore: Oh Dear Shouldn't We Do Something

Jennifer Moore: Now That You Mentioned It We Should

Michelle Moore: Agreed

  • They Land*

Michelle Moore: *Electricity Forms In Her Hand* We Are Facing An Crisis Here

Tiffany Moore: Oh Dear Do You Think We Could Win

  • Hours Later*

Michelle Moore: Oh That's Grand

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