This is season 7 of timeline D of The 30 year war, the season's star trek parodied.


this takes place after team star escapes NME's base before it blew up, the 8 took a delta flyer and took to the stars.

New members

  1. harold (reach)
  2. rona (shiny female staraptor)(requiem)
  3. blu (harvest)
  4. binti (female hornbill with green feathers & a blue & red beak)(risa)
  5. bubbles (new planet vegeta)
  6. stella (new planet vegeta)


the planets are in this order.

  1. reach (halo)
  2. requeim (halo)
  3. harvest (halo)
  4. risa (star trek)
  5. new planet vegeta (dragon ball z)
  6. namek (dragon ball z)
  7. bajor (star trek)
  8. genesis (star trek)
  9. azati prime (star trek)
  10. gateway (star trek)
  11. psi 2000 (star trek)
  12. delta vega (star trek)
  13. ferenginar (star trek)
  14. deneva (star trek)
  15. canterra ii.b (star trek)
  16. alpha centauri (star trek)
  17. andoria (star trek)
  18. bellatrix iv (star trek)
  19. betazed (star trek)
  20. cardassia (star trek)
  21. mars (star trek)
  22. qo'nos (star trek)
  23. tellar (star trek)
  24. trill (star trek)
  25. vulcan (star trek)
  26. pandora (avatar)
  27. romulus (star trek)
  28. remus (star trek)
  29. dromund kaas (star wars)

Episodes & movies

there are 118 episodes & 4 movies









to be announced


  • the reason there are 118 episodes is because for 23 of the planets they stay on them for 5 episodes, you can tell which they are because there bolded.
  • if they are italasized that means there's a movie involving that planet.
  • both mean they're on the planet for 5 episodes and there's a movie involving it.
  • if bold & underlined then they're on the planet for 6 episodes.
  • if underlined only then they're on the planet for 7 episodes

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