This is season 6 of timeline D of The 30 year war, the season's star wars parodied.


After team lightning achieved the xiaolin dragon rank they all of a sudden got transported to coruscant.

New members

  1. koopa troopa (xiaolin chronicles)(mario)
  2. digit (xiaolin chronicles)(cyberchase)
  3. alejandro (total drama world tour)
  4. mike (total drama revenge of the island)
  5. shawn (total drama pahkitew island)
  6. cro (dibo the gift dragon)


Bolded - main planet/Italic - more reccurring planet/Underlined - final planet

  1. coruscantAS
  2. alderaan
  3. naboo
  4. tatooine
  5. bespinMC
  6. kamino
  7. yavin iv
  8. endor
  9. geonosis
  10. hoth
  11. kashyyyk
  12. mustafar
  13. dagobah
  14. dromund kaas
  • AS - Alejandro & Shawn's debut on the 1st appearance of coruscant.
  • MC - Mike & Cro's debut on the 1st appearance of bespin.

Episode & Movies

There are 78 episodes & 3 movies




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