Physical appearance

Garth resembles a Caucasian teenager, with black hair, purple eyes and a slender build. His hair is relatively long, but a portion of it is caught up in a ponytail at the point of his back of the head, and the rest comes down to the nape of his neck and jawline. He wears a skin-tight swimsuit that exposes his arms and legs. It is predominantly blue-gray, although on the torso it has a midnight blue vest-shaped design, with azure lines tracing its edges and collar area. Around his waist, he dons a matching belt with attached tassets hanging down over his upper thighs. He also wears midnight blue bands around his forelimbs.


1990's: Garth is born.

2011: Garth joins Young Justice.


  • Breathe Underwater
  • Magic
  • Gills on his neck
  • Can feed drowning oxygen
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Underwater Respiration
  • Able to turn his legs into a fish tail and back at will
  • Fast Swimmer
  • Underwater Pressure Resistance
  • Can talk to fishes

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