The movie is about johnny test all of the other cartoons and anime and nick into the 2,sc dimension and where they meet phinease and ferb in comando and their sister candise whom was alternate too the others and then phinease and ferb whom wents into the other dimension too and then johnny has met doof whom was perry's enemy and then they find them selfs into the dimension and then will they save their worlds from one of their enemies.


The story begins with johnny test playing with his happy face ball and then once the others have doing somethings in their life and then johnny test was so bored and then some portal came too his world and then he was sucked inside and his sisters and his dog too and then in phineas and ferb has too find perry and then they find him going inside the building called the doof corporation and then ferb doesn't know that sense and then once they got inside they find perry talking and confronting doof and after they went too see them perry gasped and traps perry and then doof presents them with other dimension inator and then he tells them and activates it and then perry kicks a big hammer and then he kick doof's greatist invention and then he blames perry for what he done because it will rip a energy too other dimensions and then the energy converter has gone completly out of control and then fires too diffrent numbers of universes and destinations and then kowalski was making his invention and then the penguins were called out here and then they see some thing coming from the sky and then sucks them over too the other side and king julian and all of their friends. Then the energy fired near every universe.and then more portals sucks most of the heroes of every tv show,and like magi nation,spider riders,world of quest,spongebob squarepants,danny phantom,fairly odd parents,di gata defenders,dinosaur king,wild kratts,dino dan,kid vs kat,and star wars the clone wars.And then dr blowhole cheers with his other minions whom has defeated the penguins and then they should celebrate a party and then they ate cake for defeating their enemy and then one of blowhole's minions have detected them then they were heading towards another dimension and then blow hole has really gone mad and then more mysterious figures has entered into his lair and then they were disguised into villains whom hated their enemies and then they should form an alliance and then they set their portal machine too the second demension and then they were screaming falling too am alternate destination and then they were crashing metors whom have landed here and then they have meeted each other once again and then they told johnny too not touch any thing and then after they did'n touch anything and then they find them selfs in an alternate future and then they find phineas and ferb and perry whom were here too and met each other and then they think that perry is a top secret operative from a pet agency and then a spy and then ferb and phineas whom think that he is a then he shuts his mouth and then perry escapes from not knowing he knows what perry is and then enters a house whom looks like phineas and ferb's house and then he founds an alternate phineas whom is diffrent and then he wents down into a secret passage way and then nevered returned and then phineas tells them that the both has a sister and friends and then he brings candace too this universe and then she tell them or else he will call their mom and then phineas tellls her they were in parellel universe same and diffrent like their and then they found a bandon house in the far corner of the city and then they entered the house and then they see their dad whom looks diffrent and then gray and then phineas and ferb thinks that this alternate family of their's is the same and then they meet phineas and ferb and candace whom were owners of this demension and then they told them that they got too see something,and then they went down and they find themselfs in an underfround tunnel whom was made by resistance and then they think the alternate children were apart of the resistance and then they see robots whom were apart of doof and whom is alternate and then they must fight them and then candace thinks that the children are armed and then after they fight and then evil supreme doof and her daughter Vanessa whom was telling him that she still finished her room and then she was going too sleep and then he has taken over this dimension and then he must find what he will do next and then after two and others doofs and villains came frome they teamed up too work together and then they must work together too,conquer one of their enemies from their universes and then they work together and then they must find a plan too get too.Their universes and then they have a plan too use another portal machine too enter their universes and then they thinked that the device is broken and then in resistence then they were here because they were the ones too defeat the evil supreme doof and one of their enemies in the future just like them and then they find isabella whom was member of the resistence and then she called the other members of the resistence were their friends and then they tied all of our heroes up,then isabella questioned them and then they told her and she told her new team too let her go and then alternate candace tells her that she has a friend and boy friend in this universe,then candace's friend and her boyfriend were apart of the resistence and then alter candace whom loves him and then isabella tells tony jones that she was members of the firestorm girls and then he thinks that's cool and then they told them the story that in this dimension that borebots were entering the base and then just like the prohecyes and then they must evacuate this base and then they went on the train because they were going on the way out and then more borebots came too came after them,and then candace was fighting him and then they were helping them too and then she told them too get back into their seats and then they were not leaving with out her and then they finished their fight and then they were at the exit and then they were free and then they were at the elevator and they told them too get out and they went back and then they were surrounded by borebots and then they were imprisoned and then they were all in chains and then edyn was about too be throwen into a vat of lava and then alternate candace saves her and the rest and then they have escaped across the window and into their world and then alternate doof was so mad and then he was sending his minions too the rest of the universes and rule them and then doof and the rest are ready for the invasion of earth and then so is them and then they were spliting up into fourteen portals and then doof and doof were going split into dimensions and then tony thanks them for saving us and then candace tells him that doof has something and then spongebob tells her that doof already got the dimensional key and then controlled the portal and then candace was mad for him because she knows what he done and then thanks too spongebob because doof will take over their universes and defeat one of you and then this whole universe and then they were going back into doof's lair and quiet and undetected and then they were going into the maze of bots and then they were at the gateway and then they entered and then they see new york in the penguins of madagascar world it is like a ghost town and then ruined and then it was patrolled by doof's robots patrolling the city and then king julian was telling the penguins that his kingdom is ruined and not the zoo and then dr blowhole was here and then they were looking for the penguins for elimination and then marline was calling them and coming too her home and then skipper was telling her that what happened then blow hole was just here and then he sent his new minions too the planet surface and then she told him that who knows that what is his plan yet and then dr blow hole whom has imprisoned the people in their homes and security cameras and then they are watching at them and then making them punished and then after skipper knows about the lair of dr blowhole and then they were at the splash zone and good seats and then they were down the elevator and then they found burt hostaged and then they ran too him and then burt was sitting and eating peanuts on a gold bowl.And then it does'n look bad and then they were in a trap and then king julian was an spy android and then he exploded and then dr blowhole disguised as burt and then king julian was apart of this,and then in the zoo,mort is neverous because king julian is not here and then he went too the rescue and then in blow hole's lair blowhole was telling them about his greatist plan ever and it is called ring of fire two and then it has been my moument that his humiliation and then they have place seventeen devices in the south pole's core and then they so obvious humiliated by the humans activate the ring of fire two and melt the south pole and then they were doing in the ball park and then,mort was saving him by bus and subway station and then julian was so happy and then so the water levels will rise and rise and then blowhole will have his revenge back they will jump through the hoops and then he told him that he could have a jet ski and then they think they were going too stop them,and then they could try but he has an army of crustation warriors and then they think they could take them and then they will take what they got and then so they helped the penguins defeat me because they got more lobsters and then julian was telling blowhole that they are trapped and then they never said trapped and they don't lose hope and sometimes it takes a,and then mort scream and he landed on the ground and then he was going too rescue the king,and then he is not a prisoner and then he kicks mort because he wants him off of his feet and then he free the heroes and then blowhole's minions attacked and then they fighted each every last one of them and then they were too many of them and then mort pressed the buttons and then rescues the penguins and teletoon unite and then they attacked and then they were lose too blowhole and then mort pressed a lot of buttons and defeated his armies from shapeing his image,and then blowhole stopped it and then activate the ring of fire and then skipper hates him for what he did and then they were having their victory and then chuck charles was telling them about robots and mass destruction and then they formed a circle around the south pole and then blowhole was mad because he never gets it right and then mort does'n like this show and then they will shut it down and then he has something like chrome claw and then skipper tells him that he did create that monster and then he was dodging his attacks and then they put an end too this madness and then he stopped dr and julian and then kowalski was find how shut down this and then some buttons he got it all wrong and then dr thanks him and then drowns chuck  and then blowhole tells him that he has failed and then dr and skipper were fighting each other and then julian was not joining him and then julian pressed the right button and got it right and the blowhole failed and then chuck tells him that the pole is not melting and he has survived this disaster and then still robots all over the world and then dr blowhole has escaped and then they have foiled his revenge and then they find out a new revenge for you and the people and the rest of paraellel universes and then he runaway and then they saved the world from blowhole and then phineas and ferb needs someway too destroy these robots and then ferb has an idea and then they were getting their selves too tri state area and then they were here and it looks peace-ful and then anakin tells susan that the robots in three minutes and then they must start getting creative and then they got them help from their second dimensional selves then they were starting too make their weapons too defeat 2sc doof and his army robots and then they were ready for the invasion and the whole of reallity and then the sky turns dark because doof is here and then then our heroes must split up into three groups too defeat one of theri enemies and save their universes and then they split up into each portals and then in bootville kat was here and millie was here too hug him and then he getting annoyed and then they were fighting one of their enemies and then the people of bootville were getting ready too fight and then coop sets the portal for the 2sc dimension and then he pulls the lever and then the robots were all sucked inside and then fiona was helping coop too shut the portal and then kat escapes and then millie tells him too leave him alone and then he escapes too the tri state area and then  they bring them back too the tri state area and then our heroes were fighting 2sc dimensional doof and his army of robots and everyone fights and when a good man and woman goes to war and then in perry's lair and then and candace was got too tell their mom and then she Found her in the ice cream shop and then she told her too come outside and then they were fighting and singing about robot riot and then phineas was reaching the final portal of the journey's end and then he pulled the lever and then second dimension doof was hit until he hits the ground and then he phineas was dodging doof and bling bling boy's attack and then the rest of the villains were fighting their enemies and then perry was going too the lever and then his 2sc. dimension self and the battle rages on and then bling bling boy was defeated and so are their enemies and then still perry and 2sc dimension perry and then they were fighting and then 2sc dimension doof was going too shoot him because this is was his alternate self and perry was still fighting and he see alternate doof was going too kill him,and then he has a plan and then perry calls him over near the pole and then he cuts it and then pole went off and then tells him that any last words and then he tells him too look out behind you and then he screamed then it fall on him self and then he got hurt and then they pulled the lever and then they were defeated and sent back too their worlds and then they were all gone and then they were saved and then candace was taking their mom outside and then they were gone because of them and then in the backyard phineas and phineas says goodbye too each other and too the teletoon unite and then they both left and a flash from the sun and end of credits.

Voice cast



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