Main Characters

Teenager Maggie Simpson-Standing At 6"5 And Weighs 190 Pounds She Wears Her Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach Dark Red Jeans And Black/White Sneakers

Cassie The Hedgehog-She Has Jonathan's Fur Color She Wore An Aqua Blue Tanktop, Dark Brown T-Shirt That Showed Her Black Stomach Dark Green Shorts Metal Leggings Which Hold Her Gun Holsters Black Socks Army Style Hover Boots And An Backpack Which She Keeps Her Supplies She Has A Light Tan Mouth And Wears Dark Purple/Black Fingerless Gloves

Lisa Simpson-Lisa Wears Lisa The Hedgehog's Outfit (Orange Tubetop, Jeans And Sneakers)

Maggie Simpson

Zia Simpson-Zia Wore An Dark Purple Tanktop Which Showed Her Yellow Stomach  Black/White Belt Dark Pink Skirt And Dark Pink/Pink High Heels She Had An Blue Hair Piece On The Side Of Her Head

Rachael Simpson

Yvonne The Hedgehog-Shade's Younger Sister She Also Wears An Red Tanktop That Shows Her Big Boobs And Stomach, She Also Wears Red Underwear, Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes She Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills She Also Has Dark Red Eyes With Black Irises

Julie The Hedgehog-Believe It Or Not Julie Is Actually Shade's And Yvonne's 3rd Younger Sister Julie Is Very Kind And Delightful She Wore An Red Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Black Stomach Wore Red Underwear, Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes She Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills And She Also Has Dark Red Eyes With Black Irises Julie In The Future Had Just Turned 15 Julie's Useful Skills Include Her Homing Attack And Spindash She Has Chaos Abilities Such As Chaos Control, Chaos Spear And Chaos Blast

Shade The Hedgehog-Shade Wore Her Usual Red Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Black Stomach, Red Underwear, Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes In The Future We See Shade Working For Candy Cane The Hedgehog Shade Much Like Jonathan (2003, 2005, 2012 And 2013) Can Use Her Spindash And Homing Attack One Of Shade's Special Abilities Is Chaos Control Shade Can Teleport Herself Anywhere At Anytime Yvonne The Hedgehog Is Her Sister Who Looks A Lot Like Shade Herself And Wears The Same Clothes As Shade And Has The Same Hairstyle As Shade She Loves Teaming With Yvonne As Yvonne Provides Great Chemistry She Has Dark Red Eyes With Black Irises Same For Yvonne Her 3rd Sister Is Julie The Hedgehog

Cassie Simpson

Stephanie Simpson

Alicia Simpson

Other Sonic Characters And Villains

Scene 1: The Hedgehogs Get Turned Into Robian Female Hedgehogs

  • Inside Teenager Maggie Simpson's House On South Island*

Teenager Maggie Simpson: *Watching TV In Her Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Yellow Stomach, Red Jeans And Black/White Sneakers*

Lisa Simpson: Maggie!!!! The Hedgehogs Are Robians

Teenager Maggie Simpson: *Gasps* Oh No!!!!

Maggie Simpson: Oh No!!!!

Teenager Maggie Simpson: *Smiles* Maggie? Is That Really You?

Maggie Simpson: *Smiles* Yep It's Me Maggie

Alicia Simpson: *Smiles* There's 2 Maggies Which Maggie Is The Real One

Cassie Simpson: Both Of Them Are

Maggie Simpson: Right

Stephanie Simpson: Agreed

Zia Simpson: I Agree

Lisa Simpson: Let's Go

Teenager Maggie Simpson: Okay!!!

  • They Walk Outside*

Teenager Maggie Simpson: *Looks Up In The Sky* I Think That's The Carrier We Must Catch Up To It

Zia Simpson: To My Plane!!!! *Smiles* I'm The Pilot *Smiles*

  • On Zia's Plane*

Zia Simpson: Alright Everybody In

Lisa Simpson: We're In

Cassie Simpson: I'm In

Alicia Simpson: Me Too

Rachael Simpson: Me Three

Maggie Simpson: Me Four

Cassie The Hedgehog: *Speeds Up Next To The Plane* Oh Look They're Going After Robotnik Wait What!!!! Oh My Wait It'd Be Better If We Had Two Seperate Groups

Zia Simpson: *Smiles* Oh Cassie You Managed To Avoid Being Roboticized Please Tell Me Your Proposal

Cassie The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I Think There Should Be Two Groups

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