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Female Team That Appears In Sonic Heroes 3: The Rise Of The Prelates

Members And Descriptions

Female Knuckles The Echidna-She Wears White Tanktop Which Showed Her Red Stomach Ripped Blue Shorts Which Her Red Tail Shows White Socks And Knuckles's Shoes She Has Knuckles's Abilities She Is Red Furred She Has Purple Eyes And Wears Knuckles's Spiked Gloves

Female Miles "Tails" Prower-She Is Orange Like Tails Himself She Wears An Black Zipped Jacket Which Shows Her Orange Stomach Green Skirt, White High Socks And Tails's Shoes

Female Sonic The Hedgehog-She Is Blue Her Spiked Hair Is Downwards She Has Green Eyes She Wears An Black/Green Tanktop Which Shows Her Blue Stomach Red Tie On Her Waist Black/Green Pants Low Socks And Sonic's Shoes She Likes To Compare Herself To Jonathan The Hedgehog (Another Fast Hedgehog)

First Adventures

Team Sonic Sped Through The Zones As They Were Running They Saw Other Team's Coreless Bodies And So They Brought Aboard Nicole The Hedgehog (Female Scourge) And Darcy The Hedgehog (Jonathan Gender Bender) (Darcy Wears The Same Outfit As Female Sonic) They Began Their Journey To Investigate The Disappearance Of The Cores Darcy Now Has The Ability To Spindash Much Like Jonathan Himself

Going Through Special Stages

Team Sonic Had To Go Through 7 Special Stages To Get The 7 Chaos Emeralds Which Would Allow Them To Go Super All At Once And Take Down Enerjak And His Prelates

The Final Showdown

Once Team Sonic Had 7 Chaos Emeralds They Went Super/Hyper And Took On Enerjak And Prelates

Female Sonarcy (Relationship)

Darcy The Hedgehog And Female Sonic The Hedgehog Were Instantly Attracted To Each Other And Made Out


Sonic Heroes 3: Rise Of The Prelates

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