"Team Oddcast" is a cartoon crossover movie (and soon to be series), created by user tomboyishgirl108. However, it is one of the most overlooked cartoon crossover fanfictions. It stars Kimiko (the creator's OC), along with Kimi Finster (All Grown Up!), Wooldoor (Drawn Together), Bender (Futurama), Etno (Space Goofs), Delete (Cyberchase), and Hana-chan (Ojamajo Doremi). Even though some of the shows are most underrated, tomboyishgirl108 used these characters because it's her Top 6 cartoon characters (plus her number one OC).


It revolves all around them running away from home. In the movie, they were sent to stop Sin (another creation of the author's) since six of them were knocked out my the asteroids, giving them powers (except Kimiko, who already has all). So far, the story has one chapter, with the author continues to be working on it as we speak. aid by the creator, it is supposed to be an anime drama skeptic (i.e. Elfen Lied), collided with American comedy (i.e. The Simpsons).

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