Tanner Davenport is an original character appearing in the Jurassic Park fanfiction Corruption.


When Erik Maximoff stopped by the Davenport house in hopes of figuring out Piper Norvell's superior, Tanner opened the door and got his mother to the door.

Tanner left went back upstairs. Tanner came back downstairs as a gunman set on killing Lisa had come in. Not knowing who he was, Tanner told him that Erik was also in the house. The gunman asked where he was and Tanner pointed behind the wall.

Regardless, Erik was able to get the jump on him and knock him unconscious. Then, a gunshot came from the kitchen. Lisa had been shot, but she was able to knock the other gunman unconscious as well. Erik told Tanner to apply pressure to the wound until the ambulance arrived. Erik then left.


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