Talitha by mrscute chan-d6d453j

As With Tails Who Is Sonic's Sidekick Talitha Is Jonathan's Sidekick Her Voice Is Talitha's Her Hairstyle Is An Ponytail With An Dark Blue Hairband Holding It Her Front Hair Is Downward Talitha Wears An Red T-Shirt Which Shows Her Orange Stomach She Wears An Brown/Silver Belt Blue Shorts And Black Sandals Black Eyelashes Light Grey Eyes With Black Irises An Fox Like Muzzle Nose And Smile That Is Unmatched She Has Two Fox Tails Which She Uses To Fly She Is Also An Great Inventor And Pilot

First Encounter With Jonathan

While Riding In Her New Tornado X8 She Spotted Jonathan Chasing After Eggman Talitha Decided To Drop Her Plane On The Ground And Scoop Jonathan Up Into The Sky And They Pursue Eggman's Carrier

Beginning Of An Friendship

After Destroying Eggman's Carrier Talitha Landed Her Carrier Inside Her Workshop In Mobius Jonathan And Talitha Shook Hands And It Began An Year Long Friendship And Partnership For The Future


Talitha Says She Doesn't Have No Family Until She Reveals That She Is Jonathan's Sister They're Family They Both Love Each Other Very Much

Comic Books

They Have An Long Running Series Jonathan The Hedgehog/Talitha Prower Published By Archie In 1993 Which Featured The Two Characters Jonathan The Hedgehog And Talitha Prower Plot Here Was Jonathan And Talitha Were Resting Peacefully In Talitha's House/Workshop Until They Heard An Bunch Of Screaming Mobians Being Roboticized By Robotnik So They Jumped Into Talitha's Tornado X8 Plane The Plane Flew Over Knothole Village They Were Shocked To See An Bunch Of Roboticized Robians Except For Sonic Everywhere

Comics Appearances

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Talitha Prower (Archie Comics) (1993-Present)


Talitha Is Jonathan's Sidekick Much Like Tails Is To Sonic The Difference Is Here Is That Talitha Has More Access To Her Inventions And Gadgets Much Less Tails Who Has Limited Access She Also Appeared In Lisa Simpson Comics Ironically Lisa And Her Sisters Appear In Talitha Prower (Archie Comics) As Talitha's Faithful Allies

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