Main Characters

Talitha Prower- Her Voice Is Talitha's Her Hairstyle Is An Ponytail With An Dark Blue Hairband Holding It Her Front Hair Is Downward Talitha Wears An Red T-Shirt Which Shows Her Orange Stomach She Wears An Brown/Silver Belt Blue Shorts And Black Sandals Black Eyelashes Light Grey Eyes With Black Irises An Fox Like Muzzle Nose And Smile That Is Unmatched She Has Two Fox Tails Which She Uses To Fly She Is Also An Great Inventor And Pilot

Lisa Simpson-Lisa Had Long Hair Which Was Held By Her Necklace She Worn An Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Yellow Stomach Black Leather Jeans And Wore Black Shoes, She Had Tattoos On Both Of Her Arms Lisa Is Known To Be Flirtatious With Maggie And Her Daughters

Maggie Simpson-Maggie Wore An Jacket Which Showed Her T-Shirt, Black Jeans And Black Shoes And She Had Longer Hair Than Usual

Lisa Simpson Jr-She Wore The Same Clothing As Lisa

Maggie Simpson Jr-She Wore The Same Clothing As Maggie

Amanda Simpson-She Wore The Same Clothes As Lisa And Has Her Appearance And Voice

Becky Simpson-She Also Wore The Same Clothes As Lisa And Has Her Appearance And Voice

Marianna Simpson-She Wore The Same Clothes As Lisa And Has Her Appearance And Voice

All Sonic Characters/Villains

Jessica Prower-She Is Talitha's Best Friend And Jonathan's 2nd Sister She Appears More Often In The Comics She Looks Like Talitha Herself

Roboticized Amy Rose-Designed To Protect Jonathan The Hedgehog, Jessica And Talitha Prower She Has An Much Sexier Body She Wears An Black Tubetop Showing Her Robotic Pink Stomach And Boobs Black Jeans And Black High Heels Her Hair Is In A Ponytail With An Black Hairband Holding It She Is Jonathan's 3rd Sidekick Her Abilities Are Much Powerful Than Any Normal Being Amy Was Roboticized To Make Herself Powerful To Protect Them She Is His Girlfriend She Originally Worked For Eggman Until She Defied His Orders And Attacked Him She Would Later Go On The Run For Years Until She Finally Settled In With Talitha Prower Where She Would Become Her Partner In Making Inventions She Also Has Her Own Comics Which Were Published In 1993 By Archie Explaining Her Origins She Also Is Very Intelligent With An 900 IQ Which Makes Her Smarter Than Eggman

Lara Croft-She Wore An Dark Grey Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Light Tan Skin Dark Grey Camo Pants And Black Shoes She Had Long Brown Hair (Ponytail)  She Had Dark Brown Eyes With Black Irises And Dark Brown Lips And Wore An Dark Brown Backpack On Her Back

Talitha Prower Issue # 1 (1993-94)

Part 1: Robotnik's Dastardly Plan

  • In Talitha's House In Mercia*

Talitha Prower: *Puts The Condements On The Table* I'm Having My Friends Over For Breakfast *Smiles*

Robian Amy Rose: *Smiles* Oh Good That's An Good Idea

Jessica Prower: Right

  • Doorbell Rings*

Talitha Prower: *Smiles* Ooh That's Them *Opens The Door* Come In

Lisa Simpson: *Smiles* Wow You Seem Happy Today

Maggie Simpson: Mind If We Come In

Lisa Simpson Jr: Yeah

Maggie Simpson Jr: What They Said

Amanda Simpson: Can We Come In

Becky Simpson: Yeah

Marianna Simpson: Please?

Talitha Prower: Come In

  • They Walk In*

Talitha Prower: So What Brings You Here

Lisa Simpson: *Adjusts Her Long Hair* You See Robotnik Had Conducted An Evil Plan I Was Hoping That You Three Girls Could Help Us

Robian Amy Rose: Well We Can Help With This

Lisa Simpson: Oh Good We Should Work Well Together As A Team

Lara Croft: *Climbing Down The Roof* *Smiles* What? This Is How I Make My Grand Entrance

Lisa Simpson: Lara Is That Really You? You Look Kinda Different

Lara Croft: Well I'm An Treasure Hunter What Do You Expect?

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