Talim Her Real Name Is Actually Elizabeth Lee But Everyone Calls Her Talim She Had Aqua Blue Long Hair Held By An Hairpiece She Wore An Light Green Tubetop Which Showed Her Light Tan Stomach White Jean Shorts And Boots She Wears An Golden Necklace On Her Neck She Had White/Light Green Elbow Pads On Both Arms She Also Has Light Green Wristbands On Both Of Her Hands Talim's Favorite Weapon Of Choice Which Talim Says She Loves Using Is Her Dual Swords They Do Maximum Damage To The Opponent Talim Has Many Great Friends That She Can Conversate With Such As Ivy Valentine, Cassandra, Xinghua, Taki And Maxine And Tira

Soul Calibur II

In Soul Calibur II We Find Talim Trying To Find The Mysterious Soul Calibur Sword Ivy Valentine Tags Along For The Journey Along With Cassandra, Xinghua And Taki Along The Way Maxi's Sister Maxine (She Wears An White Tubetop Showing Her Light Tan Stomach White Jeans And Black Shoes And Wears An Red Sleeveless Dehim Jacket) Tags Along As Well Tira An Plant-Like Warrior An Friendly One Tags Along Too As They Walked Through The Dark Forest They Reached The Castle Where The Soul Calibur Sword Is On The Stone Talim Successfully Pulls It Out But Weird Things Begin To Happen And An Bottomless Pit Appeared And Dragged Them To Their Inevitable Death

Soul Calibur: Legends

In Soul Calibur Legends Talim, Ivy Valentine, Cassandra, Xinghua, Taki, Tira And Maxine Encounter The Legendary Counterparts Of Themselves Who Were Worried They Partnered Up And Teamed Up With Their Legendary Selves To Investigate This Threat As It Turned Out The Mysterious Force Known As "Nega Talim" Had Deliberately Killed Them Just To Get The Sword For Herself So The Legendary Female Warriors And Their Female Warriors Counterparts Combined Their Power To Wipe Nega Talim From Existence And In Turn Restored The Soul Calibur World The Girls Were Just About To Head Back To Their Present Day Timeline Until Legendary Talim Stopped Them Sensing That Nega Talim Had Returned And Wrecked Havoc In The Soul Calibur Universe

Soul Calibur (Virgin Comics)

In Soul Calibur Issue # 1 (1998-99) The Girls And Their Legendary Counterparts Travel To All Parts Of The Valley To Take On All Enemies And Ultimately Reach The Castle Of The Evil Kingdom In Which As Usual Nega Talim Is The Main Villain As Usual They Had Sonic Villains That They Were Dealing With As Well As Soul Calibur Villains

Death Of Maxi

While An Huge Battle Ensues Three New Warriors Julie The Enchantress, Megan The Sorceress And Lisa The Warrior (Lisa Simpson In Her Partial Knight Armor Showing Her Yellow Stomach She Had Armor Socks And Boots On Her Feet) Aid The Girls And Suddenly An Explosion That Killed Maxi, Kilik, Mitsuburgi, Voldo, Spawn And Others Maxine Then Confides In Them And Becomes An Strong Woman

Appearances In Other Comics

Soul Calibur Heroes (1998-Present) It Introduced 4 New Female Characters Who Were From The Soul Calibur Universe Such As Maxina (Daughter Of The Deceased Maxi), Jessica Wyatt (An Mystical Yet Logical Intelligent Girl), Bethany Roberts And Maxima (The Strongest Female Of Them All Who Shares Talim's Abilities And Swordswomenship)

Soul Calibur (1998-Present)

Soul Calibur II (2000-Present)

Soul Calibur Legends (2005-Present)

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