• 1.TNA World Heavyweight Championship-Samoa Joe
  • 2.IWGP World Heavyweight Championship-Kurt Angle
  • 3.TNA X Division Championship-Petey Wiliams
  • 4.TNA Television Championship-Chris Harris
  • 5.TNA Hardcore Championship-Tyson Dux
  • 6.TNA World Tag Team Champions-Team 3D Brother Ray and Brother Devon

TNA Impact!live From Pheonix Arizona Rated *TV


Match Card:

1.Shark Boy vs Jason Cross

2.Shocker vs Christopher Daniels(TNA X Divison Title Shot)

3.G3 and D15 vs Motor City Machine Guns Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley.

4.Tyson Dux vs D Lo Brown vs Raven vs Tomko vs Lance Rock Time Limit Hardcore Match

5.Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle vs Beer'Money James Storm and Robert Roode.

6.Abyss vs Relic With Black Reign

7.AJ Styles vs Booker T in a Six Sides Of Steel Cage Match

JB-tonight we got a great show for you tonight Fan's.

Mike Tenay-That's right let's start with Shark Boy vs Jason Cross.

Weighting 217 pounds Shark Boy.

Weighting 240 Pounds Jason Cross

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