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The superraptor is an original character apperaing in the Jurassic Park fanfiction Corruption.

Before Corruption

The superraptor was created by a team headed by Matthew Wright on Isla Sorna. The superrraptor was released when the island was evacuated, but Matthew felt he was a liability, and returned to kill it.

Matthew's brother Julius came to his rescue, but failed and the superraptor killed Matthew. Julius managed to escape and swore revenge.


The superraptor was referenced frequently by Julius Wright as the reason why he came to Isla Sorna, but he never got a chance to kill it, as he was killed by a pack of raptors.

Later, Tina Gibson and Janet Korvoloski, captured by Kevin Davenport, encountered the superraptor. While Tina was scared, Janet stood her ground. The superrraptor tried everything to scare Janet, including injuring Kevin.

Janet told Tina to run as she would hold the superraptor off. Janet tried to find a pattern, but failed and decided to attack him. The two entered a short scuffle before Janet began to run.

The superraptor ordered other raptors to attack, but wound up attacking the other raptors just as they were about to get the kill. Again, it was just the superraptor and Janet. Janet congratulated him on winning the battle of wits before taking a log and bashing his head. When the superraptor came to, Janet was long gone.



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