Super Morphin Mega Monsters is a fanfictional children's film based on the recurring Sesame Street sketch of the same name. It will be the third Sesame Street theatrical feature-length film.

Plot Summary

The evil monster alien Zostic has found a way to turn all the fruits & vegetables in Sesame Street into green goo, attempting to make the citizens eat only junk food. The Super Morphin Mega Monsters head to Planet Enormous to stop Zostic's schemes & bring the fruits & vegetables back to Sesame Street.


Mega Monsters

Elmosaurus Elmo
Zoeceratops Zoe
Tellydactyl Telly
Rositaraptor Rosita
Maxodon Max


  • Zostic
  • Underlings

Supporting characters

Super Grover Grover

Special Guest Stars

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