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Super Hero Wars: Let's Go Super Heroes is a upcoming animated film from 20th Century Fox, Disney, Toei and Banpresto. It is directed by Carlos Saldanha and written by Don Rhymer and Shōji Yonemura. Release Date is expected on April 1, 2011, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Super Hero Wars fanrsise.


Blu is a rare species of blue macaw resident at a bookstore in Minnesota, who is the last of his kind. When scientists learns that another macaw was spotted in South America, and that the macaw, Jewel, is female, they take him out of Minnesota and send him to Rio de Janeiro to meet her. While there, they get kidnapped by Fernando to sell them to Shocker get a fortune. Shocker, now led by Kaiser Beilal, plans to uses Blu to revies the Great Leader of Shocker. Now different heroes must work toguhter to stop the rescorretion of Shocker.


Banpresto Orignals

  • Mitsuyoshi Inoue
  • Meroune Fennec
  • Master Shiro
  • Masaki Andoh
  • Ryune Zoldark
  • Shu Shirakawa
  • Blu
  • Jewel
  • Fernando

Ultra Series

  • Ultraman
  • Zoffy
  • Ultra Seven
  • Ultraman Jack
  • Ultraman Ace
  • Ultraman Taro
  • Ultraman Zero


Kamen Rider New Den‑O (Strike) Kotaro Nogami
Kamen Rider OOO Eiji Hino
  • Ankh/Shingo Izumi
  • Hina Izumi
  • Naomi
  • Owner
  • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Gokai Red Captain Marvelous
Gokai Blue Joe Gibken
Gokai Yellow Luka Millfy
Gokai Green Don Dogoier
Gokai Pink Ahim de Famille


  • Kaiser Beilal


Banpresto Orignals Cast

  • Jake T. Austin - Fernando
  • Laura Bailey - Meroune Fennec
  • Jesse Eisenberg - Blu
  • Anne Hathaway - Jewel
  • Kyle Hebert - Master Shiro
  • Narumi Hidaka - Lune Zoldark
  • Takehito Koyasu - Shu Shirakawa
  • Hikaru Midorikawa - Masaki Andoh
  • Kirk Thornton - Mitsuyoshi Inoue

Ultra Series Cast

  • Jiro Dan - Ultraman Jack
  • Hiroya Ishimaru - Ultraman Taro
  • Susumu Kurobe - Ultraman
  • Mamoru Miyano - Ultraman Zero
  • Hiroyuki Miyasako - Kaiser Belial
  • Koji Moritsugu - Ultra Seven
  • Keiji Takamine - Ultraman Ace
  • Hideyuki Tanaka - Zoffy

Toei Cast

  • Ryota Ozawa - Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red
  • Yuki Yamada - Joe Gibken/Gokai Blue
  • Mao Ichimichi - Luka Millfy/Gokai Yellow
  • Kazuki Shimizu - Don Dogoier/Gokai Green
  • Yui Koike - Ahim de Famille/Gokai Pink
  • Shu Watanabe - Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO
  • Ryosuke Miura - Ankh/Shingo Izumi
  • Riho Takada - Hina Izumi
  • Dori Sakurada - Kotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider New Den-O
  • Rina Akiyama - Naomi
  • Kenjirō Ishimaru - Owner


Under development for years, Let's Go Super Heroes is considered "Brazilian-born Saldanha's dream project". Saldanha reported that the film will be more action packed than his comedic Ice Age movies.


The trailer of the film was released online on May 20, 2010 and premiered in Shrek Forever After.

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