Burning heart by minalightning-d4vb93v

Super Amy Rose As She Appears In Super Mario Brothers Z She Is Jonathan's Faithful Sidekick And Girlfriend She Is Yellow Furred She Has Longer Hair And Spikes She Wore An White Tanktop Which Showed Her Yellow Stomach And Blue Jeans And Black Sandals She Wore And Red Jacket With Her Initials On It She Had An Red Hairband She Had Red Eyes With Black Irises She Blinks Her Eyes When She Isn't Sure Or Is Confused Her Boobs Show She Had Five Front Hairs

Appearing In SMBZ

She Officially Debuted In Episode 1: The Rise Of Mecha Sonic In Which She And Jonathan Go Super To Combat Mecha Sonic Jonathan However Goes The Most Powerful Form Of His In History (Legendary Turbo Jonathan The Hedgehog 3) Considering That Jonathan Hasn't Gone Legendary Before Now Was Extremely Powerful And Invincible According To Mecha Sonic Himself He Believes That Jonathan Is The Only Being Possible To Achieve That Form He Used Her As A Ball In Which He Threw Her At Mecha Sonic Which Damages Him Badly She Looked At Jonathan In Surprise And Smiled At Him

The Return Of Heartless Dark Amy Rose

In Episode 3: Heartless Dark Amy Rose's Return She Was Asleep When She Sees An Mysterious Female Hedgehog On Top Of Her Bed Out Of Nowhere Jonathan The Hedgehog Knocked Her Off The Bed Jonathan The Hedgehog The Fights Her As Legendary Turbo Jonathan The Hedgehog 3 Super Amy Rose Awoke To Find Her Knocked Out By Jonathan's Yellow Lightning Bolts

Powers And Abilities

She Has Many Unique Powers And Abilities That Are Unique To Her Most Used In Situations Call For It

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