Burning heart by minalightning-d4vb93v

Super Amy Rose As She Appears In The Movie Jonathan The Hedgehog: The Legend Is Born She Is Yellow Furred She Has Longer Hair And Spikes She Wore An White Tanktop Which Showed Her Yellow Stomach And Blue Jeanss And Black Sandals She Wore And Red Jacket With Her Initials On It She Had An Red Hairband She Had Red Eyes With Black Irises She Blinks Her Eyes When She Isn't Sure Or Is Confused Her Boobs Show She Had Five Front Hairs

Seeking An Forgiveness

She Asked Jonathan The Hedgehog To Take Her Back And She Wanted To Forgive Him For Her Past Transgressions Jonathan Immediately Was Touched By This And Took Her Back As His Girlfriend The Super Team Was Reunited As She Made Out With Jonathan She Often Lets Jonathan Ride On Her Back

Stopping Eggman

Now That She Has Reconciled With Jonathan The Hedgehog They Get An New Ally In Shade The Echidna And Amy Rose Together They Became The Super Team And They Set Sailed On Their Ship SS Rose Which Was Heading For Eggman's Base They Get There And Defeated Eggman

The Ultimate Battle

Jonathan The Hedgehog Goes Super Jonathan The Hedgehog (Yellow With Red Quills) And Super Amy Rose Took On Super Scourge Who Was Powerless Against Them As They Demolished Him


Jonathan The Hedgehog: The Legend Is Born


She Is Sweet And Kind And Loves To Help Out Whenever She Can

Comic Books

She Has Her Very Own Official Comic Book Series Super Amy Rose Adventures Published By Archie Which Started In 1993 With Issue # 1 It Was An Spin Off From Sonic The Hedgehog Comics Each Issue Centers Around Super Amy Rose As She Defends Mobius From Various Villains Along The Way Jonathan And Shahra The Magical Genie Were Brought Into The Comics

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