Sugar The Hedgehog

Sugar The Hedgehog Is Jonathan's Real Girlfriend And 2nd Best Friend Sugar Has Black Fur Sugar Has Dark Purple Quills And Long Purple Hair She Wears Her Light Blue/White Tanktop Which Showed Her Big Boobs And Black Stomach She Wears Light Blue/White Pants And Shoes She Has Dark Blue Eyelids And Has Tortuqois Blue Eyes With Black/White Pupils Sugar Is Jonathan's Cousin

Sugar's Bio And Information

Name: Sugar The Hedgehog

Birthplace: Westside Island, South Mobius

Age: 16

Height: 5"10

Weight: 170 Ib

Affiliated With: Westside Island Freedom Fighters

Journeys And Travels

She Traveled To Westside Island Where She Saw Jonathan's House And The Female Hedgehogs Moved In With Jonathan They Become Friends In The Process

TV Series

The Adventures Of Sugar The Hedgehog (1993-94)

Sugar The Hedgehog SATAM (1993-94)

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