Streets of Rage -is my fafic I created on Streets Of rage game series its diffrent Instead Of Axel being a Cop he will be a Streets Fighter and Axel,Max and Blaze will be 16 Years old Axel will also have long Blonde Hair.


Axel Stone-The Main Character and best Fighter in the series he is a Street Fighter he does not fight to cause trouble but just because its Fun and for the adrenaline he is skilled in all Areas Strength,Speed,Technical fighting he also comes from a wealthy family has only Brothers in his Family their are 8 Brothers left his other 2 Died on the Streets he resent's The Syndicate for their loss and vows revenge for this he responds to this by destroying there plans to Brainwash Blaze Fielding By breaking in to their Labs and Killing Scientists Destroying Valuable Data to them althought they are not aware that it was him because he killed all the people who could Inform Mr.X of this Axel has Many love interests in the Series Such as the one he saved Blaze Fielding.His best Friend is Max Thunder since about childhood.

Shiva-An former enemy Of Axel,Max,Blaze and Adam's Enemy un

Max Thunder-Axel's Friend was there when Axel heard his 2 Brothers Ken and Bansai were Murdured and was saddened by this also.he also hates the Syndicate because of their Crime and useless actions Quoting The Syndicates Rule is a Joke all they have done is create Destruction where ever they lay Eyes on he joined the police force but surprisingly he saw they were also working with Mr.X and he and other sets of pure Officers worked Soley to beat Mr.X he asked Axel if he wanted to join the Police Force But he Declined saying he would help beat The Syndicate in his own way.

Blaze Fielding-The Female Officer she is was formerly going to have her mind controled by The Syndicate so they could not worry about her betraying them until Axel killed the ones who were ordered to do so since then she trained alot so she could defeat Mr.X and protect her friends she has also fallen inlove with Axel after this.

Adam Hunter

Downtown Area

It was a violent night Axel was Brawling Destroying every sngle Sindicate Henchman he Spoted one thug named Kin had a Knife attempting to Stabb Axel but he kicked Kin Hand and Took the Knife and Stabbed kin in the eye and tossed him upward puting his Knee out.

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