Star Wars: The Force Unleashed lll is a sequel to the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed ll, and the final game in the Force Unleashed triology. After the events of Return of The Jedi and when the Deathstar 2 blow up, Starkiller loses his bones in his legs and he loses his breathing and his rib cage. Starkiller goes on a journey to escape his dark past and to become a Master of the force.


It has been 5 years since the death of the Emperor and Darth Vader. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker estabilishes a new Jedi Order, on Coruscant. Starkiller's body was found by the Kamino cloning facility where he dueled the Dark Apprentice and killed him. While killing the Dark Apprentice his body got damaged as well. Juno Eclipse and some Rebels found Starkiller's body and took it to Coruscant to be rebuilt. There when Starkiller regains his memory Juno tells him that they have a son named Kato Marek. Starkiller asks how long he has been gone and Juno's reply was 5 years. When Starkiller figures out parts of his body are replcaced he goes to join the Jedi and goes to a journey to stop the somehow living Dark Apprentice from plotting to rule the galaxy.


The gameplay is different from the previous games. Instead of fighting on ground, you can also freefall, climb up walls, and fly on Starkiller's new ship the Eclipse. Starkiller will always have two lightsabers and can also recieve different crystals like the colors of black, red, orange, white, purple, and yellow. Starkiller will also recieve a double bladed lightsaber later on.

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