It was me and him, standing like fools on the tower, the roof of the tower. He leaned into my shoulder and brisked his fingers around my ear, curling back my hair.  "So are we going to do this or what?" My voice seemed so child like, as I stepped foward, on the edge. I saw his head nod as he joined me, grasping my hand in fear of what would happen. But nothing did for a few moments. 

"Are you ready?" I asked, shaking like a leaf. He nodded and he leaned foward and pulled me down with him as we fell from the tower, still grasping each other, like we were going to save each other. Instead, we both ended each others lives, hitting the group with a large thud. People shrieked and yelled, pointing to us, but nothing but happiness washed over my face as I closed my glassy brown eyes, my life has finally ended.

Chapter One

I glanced down at my shoes shyly, not daring to look up at the kid next to me. The torn seat that I sat in had all sorts of graphite on it. I skimed over it, but paid no mind to the inapropriate words they said. "Hi, I'm Katie." 

Oh no, she's talking to me. I glanced up slowly, seeing the girl staring at me. She was probably the first girl/boy that I've talked to in days, besides my only friend Trent. 

"O-Oh, u-uh hi K-Katie." I respond with a shakey voice. Katie frowned at me and whined, "well? Aren't you going to tell me your name!" 

I nodded quickly and spoke steadier. "I'm um Lacy." My eyes shifted back down towards the seat. 

"Well, nice to meet you Lacy!" She chirped at me, making me laugh a little. 

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