Sporting Machine Raywinger is a Real Robot fanfiction. It is sort of a final draft to BanBanBan.


It's 2010, and mechas have already replaced cars and trucks as the primary mode of transport, saving the world from global warming. Some robots have been altered for a sport called Mechabattling. One such robot is Raywinger.


Team USoBu

USoBu is a team name formed from its members' surnames Ukita, Hosokawa, and Kagabu.

  • Isamu Ukita: The main character and leader of team USoBu. Typical super robot pilot, full of energy and confidence.
  • Jiro Hosokawa: Isamu's best friend. Like Daigo from BanBanBan, he enjoys music from America, except for him it's rock and roll, especially Queen.
  • Mihoko Kagabu: The mandatory female member of Team USoBu. She is a big-time tomboy and she loves to work on robots.

Team MetalTsume

Tsume means claw, reflecting its robots' beast motifs.

  • Tesshou Tora: Leader of Team MetalTsume. He is very mysterious. But we do know that he despises Kenta very much.
  • Kenta Zou: Loud and energetic. His catchphrase is "3...2...1...HYKEEBA!" Tesshou despises him very much.

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