Spinda SA style by Spinda Der Stahl

Spinda Lorraine The Echidna Is An Member Of The Freedom Fighters Which Consisted Of Jonathan The Hedgehog And Female Hedgehogs Spinda Has And Yellow/Light Purple Hairpiece That Covers Her Red Head She Wears An Black Tubetop Which Shows Her Boobs And Red Stomach, White Jean Pants Black Taped Gloves And Red Sneakers She Has An Tail She Is Red

Early Life

Spinda Was Born On Angel Island When Spinda Was 17 Years Old She Became An Guardian Her Job Is To Protect The Chaos Emeralds Spinda Had A Shock When She Learned That She Can Glide, Punch And Climb Walls Making Spinda Valuable To Any Group Available

Joining The Freedom Fighters

Spinda Who Was On One Of Her Adventures Meets Up With AJ Lee The Hedgehog Who Offered Her An Chance To Join The Freedom Fighters Which Had Newly Acquired Additions Bethany Phoenix The Hedgehog, Natalya Hart The Hedgehog, Kelly Kelly The Hedgehog, Nikki Bella The Hedgehog And Brie Bella The Hedgehog She Immediately Smittened With Jonathan The Hedgehog Who Enjoyed Her Company They Reside In Their Airship They Built

Powers And Abilities

Unlike Most Echidnas Spinda Is Unique And Special In Her Own Way She Has Her Basic Punching, Gliding And Climbing Abilities But She Can Also Use Her Feet To Kick She Also Has The Ability To Control Every Element


She Is Funny, Kind, Helpful, Thoughtful, Cheerful, Energetic, Compassionate, Sympathetic, Polite And Considerate Towards Her Teammates She'll Help When Needed She Always Has An Big Smile On Her Face And Loves To Crack Up Showing Her Huge Sense Of Humor

Appearances In Fanfiction Works

Spinda The Echidna: Rebelling Against The Dark Legion (Which Was Also Made Into A Movie)

The Freedom Fighters: An Long Journey

Appearances In Movies

Spinda The Echidna: Rebelling Against The Dark Legion (Movie)

Jonathan The Hedgehog (2005 Movie)-Which Chronicles Jonathan's Life Story

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