Main Characters

Spinda The Echidna-Is She Good Or Evil Or Neutral? Spinda Can Answer That Question By Saying "I'm A Good Person" Spinda Has And Yellow/Light Purple Hairpiece That Covers Her Red Head She Wears An Black Tubetop Which Shows Her Boobs And Red Stomach, White Jean Pants Black Taped Gloves And Red Sneakers

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Emily The Hedgehog-Jonathan Transforms Into Emily The Hedgehog Who Is An Badass Biker Girl Wearing Her Black Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans With Flames On It Black Shoes And Taped Gloves And Wears An Badana Over Her Ponytail She Also Has An Motorcycle That Can Fly And Shoot Weapons From It She Wears An Leather Jacket Over Her Tanktop Her Motorcycle With An Push An Button Can Turn Into An Sports Car Which Has Weapons Installed Emily Is Sweet And Kind And Considerate And Helpful Fun Fact She Is Jonathan's Sister Jonathan In This Series Is More Determined Than Ever

Layla The Hedgehog-Based Off On Layla El From WWE She Looks And Talks Like Layla Herself But She Is An English Girl Wearing Her Black Tubetop Showing Her Stomach, Black Jeans And Black Sandals And Has Tan Fur

AJ Lee The Hedgehog-An Fascinating Character Who Is Based Off On AJ Lee From WWE She Looks And Talks Like AJ Herself But Is A Very Kind And Caring Hedgehog In These Series

Kayla The Hedgehog-She Is Dark Purple She Wears An Black Tanktop Which Shows Her Big Boobs And Stomach And Wears Black Jeans And Black Speed Shoes Her Hair Is Of That Of Shade's She Is Also Emily's Genie She Is Jonathan's Younger Sister

Sunset Eclipse The Hedgehog-An Mysterious Young Female From What We Gather Sunset Wears An Attractive Maid Outfit Which Shows Her Dark Purple Stomach She Wears Blue Sunglasses (It's Pretty Obvious That She Is Blind) Blue/White Skirt She Wears White Gloves Which Have An Blue Thing Attached To Them She Has Aqua Blue Eyes Dark Brown Chin Long Wavy Dark Purple Hair She Wears Dark Blue Boots With Golden Lines On Them Sunset Eclipse's Bio: Sunset Is Very Intelligent Rarely Does She Get Herself Lost Inadvertantly Sunset Can Really Use Her Weapons Very Well And Is The Cousin Of Jonathan The Hedgehog

Bethany Phoenix The Hedgehog

Kelly Kelly The Hedgehog

Natalya Hart The Hedgehog (Natalya The Hedgehog)

Nikki Bella The Hedgehog

Brie Bella The Hedgehog

Jessica The Hedgehog-She Would Later Join Jonathan And Friends In Scene 3 She Wears An Black Tubetop Which Shows Her Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans And Black Speed Shoes She Is Dark Purple With Her Long Purple Tail Sticking Out

Lien-Da The Echidna

The Dark Legion

Chapter 1: The Rebellion Begins

  • 12:00 Inside The Airship*

Spinda The Echidna: Oh Jonathan Wake Up *Shakes Up Jonathan*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Huh *Looks Out The Window* I Have An Feeling That The Dark Legion Had Just Stormed The Base

Spinda The Echidna: Things Couldn't Possibly Get Worse Than It Is *Looks Out The Window* Holy Cow Did They Just Destroy Freedom HQ

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yep They Did

Spinda The Echidna: The Rebellion Must Be Started Immediately

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Agreed

Spinda The Echidna: I Know!!!! We Could Always Use Our Cannon To Get Them Out

Jonathan The Hedgehog: We All Know The Last Time I Did That And Boy I Was In For It

  • Flashback*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: FIRE!!!!! *Presses Button*

  • The Cannonball Is Fired*
  • BOOM It Breaks Amy's Window*

Amy Rose: *Looks And Laughs* Oh My You Accidentally Destroyed My Window

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh Shit I'm In Trouble Now

  • Flashback Ends*

Spinda The Echidna: Wow You Made An Wrong Decision To Do That Anyways Let's Try An More Tactical Approach

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Great Thinking

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