160px-Digimon noimage

Evolution Stage Rookie
Attribute Virus
Type Insect
Family Jungle Troopers
List of Digimon

SpinWebmon is a Rookie (Child in japanese versions) Digimon that befriends Hanabi and Leomon in the Naruto Shippuden/Digimon, Digital Hyuga Chronicles made by Ryuu the Ancient Keyblade Master.


This digimon befriends Hanabi and Leomon during their time in Techo City but is killed by Skull Magnamon when he attacked the city.

Attack Techniques

Name Description
Web Shot It spits a stream of web from its mouth at its foe that sticks to the foe.


Evolves From

  • -none-

Evolves To

  • Dokugumon
  • Stingmon
  • Yanmamon


  • -none-

Name Origins

  • Spin. Web.

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