Archie Comics

Main Characters

Talim- She Had Aqua Blue Long Hair Held By An Hairpiece She Wore An Light Green Tubetop Which Showed Her Light Tan Stomach White Jean Shorts And Boots She Wears An Golden Necklace On Her Neck She Had White/Light Green Elbow Pads On Both Arms She Also Has Light Green Wristbands On Both Of Her Hands Talim's Favorite Weapon Of Choice Which Talim Says She Loves Using Is Her Dual Swords They Do Maximum Damage To The Opponent Talim Has Many Great Friends That She Can Converse With Such As Ivy Valentine, Cassandra, Xinghua, Taki And Maxine And Tira

Ivy Valentine




Maxine-She Wears An White Tubetop Showing Her Light Tan Stomach White Jeans And Black Shoes And Wears An Red Sleeveless Denim Jacket

Bonus Characters (4 Females)

Maxina-The Daughter Of Maxi (Deceased) And Sister Of Maxine

Jessica Wyatt-The Mystical, Powerful Undertaker-Like Female

Bethany Roberts

Maxima-The Strongest Female Of Them All Daughter Of Maxine, Maxina, Maxianna And Marianna "Maxianne"

Maxianna-The Daughter Of Maxine, Maxina, Maxianna, Maxima And Marianna Maxianne

Marianna Maxianne

Sonic Characters/Villains Owned By Archie

Soul Calibur Villains Owned By Nacmo

Legendary Females

Legendary Talim

Legendary Ivy Valentine

Legendary Cassandra

Legendary Xinghua

Legendary Taki

Legendary Tira

3 Female Warriors

Julie The Enchantress

Megan The Sorceress

Lisa The Warrior/Lisa Simpson-(Lisa Simpson In Her Partial Knight Armor Showing Her Yellow Stomach She Had Armor Socks And Boots On Her Feet) Lisa Wears An Turquoise Blue/Orange T-Shirt Which Showed Her Boobs And Her Yellow Stomach White Jeans And Black Shoes Lisa Has Long Yellow Hair Lisa Lives In Her Own House She Has Her Very Own Car She Uses For Transportation Lisa Is Jonathan's Girlfriend

Lisa Simpson Jr-She Is 16 Years Old She Like Lisa Wears An Turquoise Blue/Orange T-Shirt Showing Her Boobs And Her Yellow Stomach She Also Wears White Jeans And Black Shoes She Also Has Long Yellow Hair And Is Also An Straight A Student With An Perfect 4.0 GPA As Well She Is Introduced In Scene 1

Lauren Simpson-Lauren Also Wears An Turquoise Blue/Orange T-Shirt Which Showed Her Boobs And Her Yellow Stomach White Jeans And Black Shoes Lauren Has Long Yellow Hair Like Lisa

Titania Simpson-Titania Wears An Pink T-Shirt Like Vest Which Shows Her Humongous Boobs And Yellow Stomach She Wore Light Blue Jeans And Black Shoes She Has Long Blond Hair Pink Lips And White Circle Earrings Making Her Much Like Titania Titania Loves To Help Out In Any Way

Maggie Simpson

Jessica Lovejoy-Jessica Wears An Dark Blue T-Shirt Which Showed Her Yellow Stomach She Wore Black Shorts And Black Shoes

Allison Taylor

All Simpson Characters

Plot: When The Soul Calibur Female Characters Turned Up Missing Lisa Simpson As The Knight Lisa Simpson Jr, Jessica Lovejoy, Maggie Simpson, Titania Simpson, Allison Taylor And Lauren Simpson Decide To Find Them They Get An Shock When They Found Their Dead Bodies

Soul Calibur Heroes Issue # 1 (1998-99)

Story 1: The Girls Go Missing

  • They Arrive*

Lisa Simpson: Oh Crap They're Gone

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