Sophie, who was still puffed up, spat out water and air from her beak. She then traveled around the air fast while she's losing her bulk that she got when she swelled up. When all of her extra mass was gone, she bounced up on top of the cage that held The Flock. She used her beak as a pair of scissors to cut the rope and set the birds free. When the rope snapped, the cage crashed onto the floor and broke, releasing The Flock to freedom.

The Flock cheered happily since they're no longer kidnapped.

Bubbles happily chirped "Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" He kissed Sophie for saving him from anymore disaster.

"'re welcome," said Sophie smugly.

Matilda retrieved the eggs and handed them to the rest of her members of The Flock.

"Here are the eggs, everybody!" Matilda announced to the other birds.

Red, who is now happy and polite, told Sophie "Here, take this special badge for saving Piggy Island please!"

Red gave the badge to Sophie.

"Thank you very much for your offer," Sophie replied in appreciation.

"It ain't a problem, you know," said Red.

The same portal that took Sophie to the universe of the Angry Birds reappeared.

"Uh-Oh! It looks like I have to leave for now. I will see you all soon. So long!" Sophie called out to The Flock.

"Goodbye! Have a good time!" The Flock said back.

Sophie hopped through the portal. She spun around again as if she was doing multiple flips in the air. The portal picked up speed, making Sophie feel a bit unconscious, but she still felt OK.

She cried out joyfully "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Sophie thought it was like an amusement ride. She noticed the portal's exit that led to her room.

"Almost there," she said in anticipation.

Finally, she was sent from the portal that was from her iPad. She's not an Orange Bird. In fact, she was back to the otter that she always was in her lifetime.

"Hooray! I'm an otter again, and I'm in my room!" Sophie the Otter shouted happily.

Now that she's in her room, she turned off her iPad, placed it on the charger connected to a socket so that it could gather some power, turned off the lights in her room, dressed herself in hot-pink onesie pajamas with a purple collar, and snuggled up in bed. She then dozed off into a deep sleep thinking about the amazing experience she had with the Angry Birds. In fact, she thought about it too much that she had some difficulty starting a good night's sleep. So she strapped on her purple sleep mask and continued her mental trip to Dreamland with the thoughts of The Flock still clouded in her head.

The End.

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