Sophie was still on the bottom of Mount Piggy. An idea sparked in her brain.

"I know! I will save The Flock and defeat King Pig and his minions!" She said.

However, as Sophie began to scale Mount Piggy, King Pig's minions appeared out of nowhere and on different parts of the mountain.

"Hold on a sec! How did you swine-headed freaks get there on many spots of the mountain at once?!" Sophie asked sarcastically.

"King Pig commanded us to do so," a medium-sized pig oinked.

"I might as well do it the hard way!"

"It doesn't matter!"

"You ugly pig, seal your mouth! It's like 1000 vs 1! We'll see about that!"

Sophie took a deep breath. In a couple of seconds, the pigs and Sophie began to move towards each other. Sophie jumped over some pigs as she was climbing towards King Pig's castle. She jumped on top of a Corporal Pig's head, making his helmet come loose and fall of his head. When she was halfway there, she suddenly got blasted away by a large pig who was equipped with a BB gun made by Freckled Pig. Sophie fell lots of feet from the castle. Fortunately, she ballooned herself up to maximum size and she then shrunk back down to her original size while spitting water from her beak against the ground to quickly regain control. She then proceeded moving on.

When she was finished defeating all of the pigs on the mountain except one, she faced Freckled Pig, who was inside a vehicle made of hard steel with two bubble machines which blew large bubbles that trap birds whenever they got close to one of them and then the bubble would float upwards. There was also a rope on the back of the vehicle that would home in on the nearest bird to catch it without fail.

"Playtime is over, chump!" Freckled Pig snarled at Sophie.

Sophie leapt towards the vehicle, however, one of the bubble machines blew a bubble and it trapped Sophie inside it.

"I gotta get outta here," Sophie quickly remarked.

Sophie used her sharp beak to burst the bubble. She then fell above the vehicle. The rope automatically caught Sophie and it pulled her to the back of the vehicle.


Sophie angrily held her breath and swelled up to a huge size, causing the rope that trapped Sophie to snap, setting her free and making the vehicle along with Freckled Pig roll down the mountain and take extremely heavy damage. Sophie then undid the inflation herself so she could fly uncontrollably to the castle while blowing water out of her beak.

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