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Jonathan Washington/Super Saiyan 4/5/10 Jonathan/Ultimate Super Saiyan Jonathan 15

Season 1 Episode 1: Jonathan Goes USSJ15

  • Jonathan Takes On Chaos 4*

Jonathan: This Is An Super Saiyan *Goes Super Saiyan 4 Jonathan He Now Has Long Yellow Spiked Hair*

Chaos 4: Is This Supposed To Scare Me

Super Saiyan 4 Jonathan: Now This Goes Further Beyond!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGH

Chaos 4: Ah Shit


  • The Dragonballs Enter Jonathan's Body*

Super Saiyan 4 Jonathan: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *Goes Ultimate Super Saiyan Jonathan 15 With Extremely Long Hair*

Chaos 4: *Gasps* NO!!!! This Cannot Be

Ultimate Super Saiyan 15 Jonathan: *Surrounded In A Electric Aurora* Heh Pretty Cool Huh?

Chaos 4: I'm Must Be Dreaming He's Not Real

Sonic: Holy Shit Biscuits Shadow That Isn't Jonathan

Shadow: Holy Shit Sonic You're Right Jonathan Looks Different

Chris Thorndyke: I Can Tell He Went Ultimate Super Saiyan 15 The Most Powerful Form Of All

Ultimate Super Saiyan 15 Jonathan: *An Large Yellow Ball Forms In His Hand* Take This *Fires It At Chaos 4*

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