Main Cast

Jaleel White As Sonic The Hedgehog/Sonia The Hedgehog/Manic The Hedgehog (Narrator)

Gary Chalk As Dr. "Ivo Eggman" Robotnik

Tress McNellie As Various Characters

Bradley Pierce As Miles "Tails" Prower

Gail Webster As Queen Aleena The Hedgehog (Narrator 2) Note: Queen Aleena Gave Birth To The Ultimate Lifeform Jonathan The Hedgehog Who Was In His Stasis Tube Aleena Believes That Jonathan Is An Good Guy And Does Good Deeds Which Is Always The Case With Jonathan The History Of Jonathan Was During 1997 When He Was Considered An "Beta" In Progress Version Of Jonathan The Hedgehog Oddly Jonathan's Voice Had To Be Deepened

Roger Craig Smith As Older Sonic The Hedgehog/Older Super Sonic

Peter Wilds As Sleet/Dingo

Ian James Corlette As Knuckles The Echidna/Altheir The Echidna

Jason Griffith As Jonathan The Hedgehog (Jason Is Using His Deepened Voice For Jonathan)/Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog (White W/Red Quills)

Rachael The Hedgehog-Rachael's Outfit Consisted Of An Yellow/Orange Tubetop Which Showed Her Humongous Boobs And Green Stomach An Black Skirt And Green/Black High Heels Fun Fact: Rachael And The Female Hedgehogs Are Jonathan's Daughters In The Series Also According To Manic Our Beloved Narrator Manic Mentions That Jonathan Can Swim Which Is Confirmed Queen Aleena Reveals That Jonathan's Real Mother Is Actually Lixes The Hedgehog (Voiced By Cameron Diaz Who Grew Up Playing And Watching Sonic) Which Is Confirmed Too Because Jonathan Has Lixes's DNA And Blood And His Female Hedgehog Daughters Are Related To Him She, Nicole, Alexa And Sarah Appear In All Seasons With Lixes And Michelle

Alexa The Hedgehog-Alexa Has Green Quills But One Of Them Is Downward She Has Scars Much Like Scourge But Wears An Yellow/Orange Tubetop Which Showed Her Green Stomach, An Black Jacket With Red Flames On It With Her Red Glasses With Black Lenses On It On Top Of Her Head

Nicole The Hedgehog-Nicole Wore The Same Clothes As Rachael

Robian Amy Rose-She Wore An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Pink Stomach Black Jeans, Black Shoes And White Gloves Her Hair Is In A Ponytail Which An Black Hairband Covers It Fascinating Fact: She In The Series Voices Herself Along With The Other Female Hedgehogs She Still Wears Her Outfit But Became Powerful And Stronger In The Process She Becomes Committed To Protect Jonathan The Hedgehog

Kath Soucie As Sally Acorn/NICOLE

Robian Mina Mongoose-She Wore The Exact Same Clothing As Mina

Cameron Diaz As Lixes The Hedgehog-For The First Time We See Lixes In Sonic Underground As Jonathan's Mother Trying To Re-Locate Her Son To A Safe Place Both Lixes And Jonathan Took On Robotnik's Minions With Jonathan Practically Doing The Work While Lixes Uses Her Laser Ray Gun To Take Out The Minions Oddly Jonathan's Super Form Is Activated By The Master Emerald Lixes Also Has An Super Form Much Like Jonathan's Himself Only Her Super Form Name Is "Ultimate Lixes The Hedgehog 2" Who Had Longer Yellow Hair (Spikes And Quills) And Worn Her Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Huge Boobs And Yellow Stomach Ironically Her Eye Color Is Purple Whereas Jonathan's Is Red Her Super Form Is Also Activated By The Master Emerald Fun Fact About Lixes: Lixes Is Yellow Furred And She Has Wavy Long Hair With Her Spikes Pointing Downward She Worn Black Leather Pants, Black Boots And Black Taped Gloves

Talitha Prower-She Wore An Red T-Shirt Which Showed Her Orange Stomach Light Blue Shorts And White/Red Shoes Her Hair Is In An Ponytail Which An Dark Blue Hairband Is Covering It She And Jessica Appear In Season 1 And All Seasons And Episodes

Charlize Theron As Mina Mongoose-The Speedy Songstress Was Used As Bait For Jonathan To Save Her Jonathan Successfully Saves Her From Robotnik

Jessica Prower-She Wears The Same Clothes As Talitha

Naomi The Hedgehog-She Also Wears An Yellow/Orange Tubetop Which Also Shows Her Humongous Boobs, Black Skirt And Green/Black High Heels She Is The Same Fur Color As Nicole And Rachael She Also Wore An Black Jacket With Yellow Flames On  It

Kirsten The Hedgehog-She Also Wears An Yellow/Orange Tubetop Which Also Shows Her Humongous Boobs, Black Skirt, Black Jacket With Yellow Flames On It And Green/Black High Heels

Angelina Jolie As Rosy The Rascal-Rosy Wears An Different Outfit She Wears Her Yellow/Orange Tubetop Which Showed Her Humongous Boobs And Pink Stomach Wears An Black Skirt, Black Jacket With Flames On It Pink/Black High Heels, White Gloves Her Pink Hair Is Longer And Black Hairband Covers It Rosy Is Very Useful In Battle Because Of Her Weaponry Skills She Is Taller Than Before At 6"5 She Gained Muscle Mass Making Her Physically Stronger One Noticeable Feature With Rosy Is That She Has Hot Red Lips And Makeup On Her She And Nicole Have Issues # 2 And Onwards To Themselves Which Feature Only Them Naomi, Kirsten The Hedgehog Talitha And Jessica Prower And An New Character Shima The Hedgehog She Appears In All Seasons And Episodes She Plays An Important Part In The Series

Shima The Hedgehog-An Unique Female Hedgehog Shima Wears An Pink/Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Pink Stomach Black Skirt, Pink/Black High Heels She Had Long Pink Hair (Spikes) And Black Quills Shima's Backstory Was Never Exactly Revealed

Tim Curry As Maximilian Acorn

Sarah Michelle Gellar As Alicia Acorn/Sarah The Hedgehog-Sarah Is The Same Color As Jonathan And Also Possesses His Moveset And Abilities Sarah Is Very Kind, Humble, Thoughtful, Caring, Willing, Agreeable, Supportive, Trustworthy, Reliable, Sweet, Helpful, Happy And Considerate She Loves To Help Out In Any Way She Wears The Same Outfit As Rachael Jonathan Also Has These Personality Traits Sarah's Mouth Dropped When She Saw Jonathan's Red Sports Car She Was Impressed

Katie Segal As Michelle The Hedgehog/Vera The Bat-Michelle Is An Great Car Saleswomen She Has The Credentials To Be One As Well Also Michelle Has An Blue Sports Car Too Vera Is An Very Critical Part Of Talitha's Plan To Obliterate Robotnik's Attempt At Ruling Mobius Vera Looks As She Appeared In Ancient Ways Ancient Evils She Sports An Black/White Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Grey Stomach Black/White Pants And Black Sandals And An Green Diamond Necklace And An Black Jacket

Christine Cavanaugh As Bunnie Rabbot

Rob Paulson As Antoine D'Coolette

Cam Brainard As Rotor Walrus

Shade The Hedgehog-Shade Wore An Red Tubetop Which Showed Her Big Boobs And Black Stomach, Red Underwear, Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes She Is Jonathan's Distant Sister

Mandy Moore As Rouge The Bat-Rouge Was Aware Of What Was Going On Decided To Give Jonathan An Call And Asked What's Going On

Kirk Thornton/Kirsten Dunst As Shadow The Hedgehog/Female Shadow The Hedgehog/Jessica The Hedgehog (Tiffany The Hedgehog)-Tiffany Is Shadow's Sister She Is Extremely Friendly Towards Jonathan The Hedgehog Jessica Is In Fact Jonathan's Daughter Because Jessica And Jonathan Are Related To Each Other She Wears Exact Clothing As Rosy The Rascal

Charles Windom As Sir Charles "Chuck" The Hedgehog (Older Sonic's Father)/Merlin Prower (Older Tails Father)

Jessica Simpson As Bernadette The Hedgehog (Older Sonic's Mother)/Rosemary Prower (Older Tails Mother)

Adam Dunn As Jules The Hedgehog (Older Sonic's Uncle/Step Father)

Katie Higgins As Older Miles "Tails" Prower

Tara Strong As Alicia Acorn (Anti Sally), Fiona Fox, Buns Rabbot (Anti-Bunnie) And Rosy The Rascal (Anti-Amy Rose)

Chris Kirkpatrick As Scourge The Hedgehog (Anti Sonic), Boomer Walrus (Anti-Rotor), Miles Prower (Anti-Tails) And Patch D'Coolette (Anti-Antoine)

Carmen Electra As Maria Robotnik/Maria The Hedgehog/Rosy The Rascal Jr/Shade The Echidna/Julie-Su The Echidna/Lara-Su The Eidna (Jani-Ca) -Rosy Jr Looks Like Rosy And Wears The Same Outfit As Her

Alec Baldwin As Gerald Robotnik

Troy Baker As Espio The Chameleon

Keith Silverstein As Vector The Crocodile

Colleen O'Shaghaussey As Charmy Bee

Cody Wilheim As Mighty The Armadillo

Julie Wilson As Saffron Bee

Julie Swan/Julie Andrews As Angela The Hedgehog/Darkness Angela The Hedgehog-An All Powerful Female Hedgehog Who Wore The Same Outfit As Priscilla-Ca The Echidna She Is Aqua Blue Furred With Powerful Abilities She Remained Loyal To Robotnik Until She Fought Jonathan In His Ultimate Form Angela Choked Up And Hugged Jonathan Which Made Robotnik Mad And He Ordered Her To Kill Jonathan The Hedgehog Angela Decided To Not To Obey Him Which Angela Crouched Down And An Black Darkness Aurora Surrounded Her Which Resulted In An Large Explosion Which Reveals Darkness Angela The Hedgehog Who Immediately Becomes More Powerful After Her Black Aurora Was Flashing Unlike Angela Who Has An Cute Voice (Julie Swan) She Now Has An Deeper Voice (Julie Andrews) She Tells Jonathan To Stand Back Which He Does Darkness Angela The Hedgehog Unleashed Her Big Dark Beam Ball And Threw It At Robotnik Which Exploded And Knocking Him Out Cold Darkness Angela For The First Time Hugged Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog Which Shows Her True Friendship With Jonathan Darkness Angela Reminds Jonathan That She Is Used For Good Not For Evil

Metal Sonica 5.0-She Has Dark Blue Spikes With White Quills She Has Orange Eyes With Black Irises She Wears An Yellow Tubetop Which Shows Her Dark Blue Stomach An Black Belt With White Circles On It Dark Blue Jeans Which Show Her Dark Blue Tail It Has The Letter M On It She Wears Red/White Sneakers She Has Grey Hands She Is Dark Blue Furred She Is Fully Upgraded And Updated Making Her More Powerful, Invincible And Indestructible She Appears In This Movie Siding With Jonathan In This Situation

Metal Jessica The Hedgehog 5.0-She Is Jessica's Best Form And Loves To Help Out

Metal Alyssa The Hedgehog 5.0-She Appears In The Movie As One Of The Founders Of The Group The Metal Female Hedgehog Warriors

Metal Amy Rose 5.0-The Official Leader Of The Metal Female Hedgehog Warriors

Metal Tanya The Hedgehog 5.0-Jonathan's Accident Which Was Permanant

Metal Tiffany The Hedgehog 5.0-The Newest Member Of The Metal Female Hedgehog Warriors

Metal Julie The Hedgehog 5.0-An Class Act Always Loves To Help Out In Any Way She Can

Scene 1: The Final Fall

  • On Angel Island*

Jessica The Hedgehog: The Death Egg's Gonna Fall

Jonathan The Hedgehog: We Must Get Out Of Here

  • They Both Escape Angel Island As It Is Falling Into The Water*

Tiffany The Hedgehog: Uh Oh I Must Escape *Raises Chaos Emerald* Chaos Control *Teleports Out*

  • Meanwhile*

Angela The Hedgehog: Wow The Final Fall This Is Interesting

  • Meanwhile*

Metal Sonica 5.0: *Running On Her Turbo Boosters* I Must Find Jonathan Quick *Bumps Into Jonathan* Oh Thank Goodness I Found You

Jonathan The Hedgehog: What An Surprise I Didn't Expect To See You Here

Metal Sonica 5.0: Our Situation Is Dire Robotnik Has Just Revived The Death Egg Again

Metal Amy Rose 5.0: Our Goal Is To Stop Him

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Wait What The?

  • Poof*

Metal Tanya The Hedgehog 5.0: Is That So? If That's The Case We Must Indeed Stop Him

Metal Alyssa The Hedgehog 5.0: Yep

Metal Julie The Hedgehog 5.0: Christ Copters I Just Saw Robotnik Quick!!! After Him!!!

Metal Amy Rose 5.0: Agreed

Metal Tiffany The Hedgehog 5.0: Wait For Me

  • They Pursue Robotnik*
  • Meanwhile*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Resting Peacefully In His Hammock*

  • Lixes Falls Into The Hammock*
  • BOOM*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Whoa!!!!

Lixes The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Strange Isn't It?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: You Scared Me

Lixes The Hedgehog: Sorry If I Did Scare You

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Why Are You In My Hammock

Lixes The Hedgehog: This Madman Scientist Named Dr. Robotnik Brought Death Egg Back To Life

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Hmm I Should Probably Stop Him

Lixes The Hedgehog: *Smiles* You Need More Help With This

Sarah The Hedgehog: Which Is Why Me, Jessica, Tiffany And Shade The Hedgehog Will Assist You

Shade The Hedgehog: Agreed

Jessica The Hedgehog: Agreed

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