Sonic Underground Mini Show
Manta-bee, Meanfang, CosmicPixel (Movie)




No. of episodes
10 (one movie)


Run time
15 minutes




English Network
The TV Party Network


Samuel Vincent, Louise Vallance, Greg Cipes


The Sonic Underground Mini Show is another reincarnation of the Sonic Underground series. It is mainly shorter, as the episodes are only 15 minutes long and very little songs were featured, which is unusual for Sonic Underground.


We are the sonic underground by manta bee-d979pj9
After the original Sonic Underground ended in around 1999, fans decided to make their own versions of the stories, mainly considering if the hedgehog siblings ever found their mother. The finale will be delayed until the comic writers write the conclusion to the story.


This show made use of “retroscripting”, a process in which an episode’s scripts are purposely left vague, and instead of exact dialogue, the plot of a particular scene is merely outlined—the rest of the dialogue is then created through improv by the actors. Although retroscripting was only used officially in the first season (the entire first episode was improvised from start to finish), the dialogue in the following three seasons remained heavily improvised, with the written script serving mainly as a guide or something to fall back on for jokes if needed. This would later be used in the author's next creation, The Forest Friends.



  • Sonic the Hedgehog - A hero who needs no introduction. The super-speed adorned guitarist and frontman of the band.
  • Manic the Hedgehog - The green-haired brother who was raised by thieves and is the drummer of the band.
  • Brody the Hedgehog - Makes his debut in The New Member. He plays the wooden clappers.
  • Sonia the Hedgehog - The female member of the Sonic Underground and sister to Sonic and Manic who plays the keyboard.
  • Queen Aleena the Hedgehog - The mother of the triplets who gave them up to save Mobius. She occasionally shows up undercover to help them from time to time.
  • Knuckles the Echidna - The guardian of the Master Emerald on the Floating Island who befriended the Sonic Underground.


  • Dr. Robotnik
  • Sleet
  • Dingo


  • Cyrus - A lion and a mechanic.
  • Mindy - Sonia's childhood friend.
  • Renée - In this series, she seems to be a bit clumsy.
  • Elmo - A bat boy who is one of Max's friends.
  • Kathleen - A small, plump purple-haired girl.
  • Clara - A hedgehog girl appearing in "Bummer Camp" who was unable to swim until she miraculously saved Sonic from drowning in the lake.
  • Max - A boy who used to be a pickpocket, but had joined the resistance since the first series.
  • Allegra - In this series, she has been retconned into a shy girl when she is first seen. She apparently had stage fright when she had to sing in front of people. She has formed a relationship with Max in this series, though this is only seen briefly.
  • Chomps - Knuckles' pet dinosaur. Only mentioned in the show.
  • Triceratops King

Fictitious Voice List

Please note that the list of voice actors are only the author's idea.

Samuel Vincent - Sonic
Ron Wasserman - Brody
Stevie Vallance - Sonia, Mindy
Greg Cipes - Manic
Maurice LaMarche - Sleet
Gary Chalk - Doctor Robotnik
Gail Webster - Queen Aleena Hedgehog
Peter Wilds - Dingo
Scott McNeil - Knuckles the Echidna
Tom Kenny - Cyrus
Terry Klassen - Max, additional
Matt Hill - Trevor, Elmo, additional
Tabitha St. Germain - Renee, additional
Kathleen Barr - Kathleen, Allegra, additional
Dee Bradley Baker - Triceratops King
Additional voices
Brian Drummond
Merrilyn Gann
Phil Hayes
Adrian Hughes
Blu Mankuma
Cusse Mankum
Lee Tockar
Quinton Flynn
Claire Corlett - Clara


The comic version has the stories paired in twos.

  1. We are the Sonic Underground / The New Member
  2. Bummer Camp / Dirty Rat
  3. Party Time / Enter the Triceratops King
  4. Flying Battery Panic/That's the Way the Canyon Crumbles
  5. Rock the HouseThe Big Heist
  6. The Sonic Underground Finale (TV Movie)

Song List

  • "We are the Sonic Underground" and "Someday" - The Sonic Underground - Featured in We are the Sonic Underground.
  • "Welcome to Camp Billibay" and "Reach the Sky" - The Sonic Underground - Featured in Bummer Camp.
  • "All There Is" - Allegra. (As well as several other songs by various characters) - Featured in Rock the House.
  • "Answers" - The Sonic Underground. Featured in Enter the Triceratops King.
  • "So She's Called", "Isn't it Nice?" - Wendy's Band - Featured in The Big Heist.


In certain parts of the world, such as when it's aired in Australia, some edits will be made.

  • Knuckles has used the word "suck" in the oath-based sense in "Rock the House".
  • Sometimes, the show will censor itself as a joke, even if no actual expletives were used. For example, Manic clearly says "What the fudge?" with "fudge" being bleeped.
  • In an episode, there is a part where Sonia falls down with her legs in the air which then split apart and a view under her skirt can be seen, though her underpants are the same color as her skirt.
  • In one episode, Sonia says "Shut the front door!" as an expression of surprise.
  • When Kathleen runs out of the bathroom panicking and screaming, her underpants are clearly down to her ankles. She runs past Sonic, who comments "That's something I didn't need to see." This scene is cut in the Australian version.
  • Some lines of dialogue in "Dirty Rat" were as follows:

Knuckles: I guess I'm all that [beep]ing piece of [beep]'s got!
Renee: What was that?
Knuckles: Nothing... never mind...

Though if one reads Knuckles' lips, he is clearly saying the words "stupid" and "spikeball".

  • Also, the implications of sexual/romantic tension between the two characters Knuckles and Sonia by Sonic, is seen in "Dirty Rat". Sonic even mentions he would sacrifice himself for them and their future children. The two, who were holding hands, immediatley let go after he says that line.
  • In "Party Time", Manic is seen acting like a combatative drunk after drinking too many milkshakes. Also, in the same episode, Sonic is heard telling the punchline of a joke to the other party guests:

"Is it because I'm blonde? And her mom says 'no, it's because you're 23'."

  • In "Flying Battery Panic", Knuckles shouts "Son of a -" before being cut off by the Flying Battery's horn. This scene is also cut in Australia, instead skipping to the horn sound.
  • In another episode, Knuckles asks the Sonic Underground if someone could remember to close the "dam" door, when he was talking about the reservoir. Though this joke is a bit lost in the comic.
  • In "The New Member" when Brody is about to use his medallion's powers for the first time, he says "Stay back, I got some crud to handle" to Sonic, Manic, and Sonia, but in Austrailia, he says "Stay back, I got some stuff to handle".


Elmo: By the way, Sonia. You need to work on your choreography.
Sonia: The stupid lights were in my eyes, Elmo!

"Rock the House"

[Renee has slipped on a banana peel]
Manic:[walking by] Hey, Renee.
Renee: [cheerfully and still lying on the floor] Hey!

"Rock the House"

Knuckles: I'm the only thing that [censor beep] in' piece of [censor beep] 's got!
Renee: What??
Knuckles: Nothing, never mind...

"Dirty Rat"

Elmo: Way to go, man. Thanks to you, Robotnik and his robots are probably on their way to ransack our homes.

"Party Time"

[Sonic, Manic, and Brody are playing video games]

Sonia: You know you can't just sit around playing video games all day, we've got work to do! Manic: Hey, we have a problem. Sonic and Brody: What is it? Manic: Even though the volume is turned up, I can still hear Sonia. [Sonia unplugs the TV] Sonic, Manic and Brody: Hey!!

Sonia: Guys, this is important!

"Flying Battery Panic"

Sonic: Hey, who's that?

(We see Brody slamming his car door after he opens it)

Manic: I knew this day would come!

Brody: It's great to see you guys again.

"The New Member"


  • Knuckles and Cyrus' original voice actor for the show, Ian James Corlett was replaced in this production, possibly because Corlett was busy working on other shows, such as Johnny Test. Leaving him to be replaced by Scott McNeil and Tom Kenny for the respective roles.
  • In one episode, Sonic and Manic are seen playing UmJammer Lammy (or possibly a similar game) before Sonia unplugs the TV.
  • In an episode, someone calls Sonia "Myrtle". This is a reference to Myrtle Urkel, a role played by Jaleel White dressed in drag on Family Matters.
  • A parody of Tickle Me Elmo is shown in an episode the form of a blue rabbit toy that shakes and laughs.

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