Main Characters

Sonic The Hedgehog/Fleetway Super Sonic/Classic Super Sonic (Classic Version) Difference Here Was When Classic Sonic Was Separated From Classic Fleetway Super Sonic He Immediately Goes Classic Super Sonic Classic Super Sonic's Voice Is Done By Jaleel White He Had Black Eyes Whereas Modern Sonic Has Green Eyes Both Had Red Eyes In Their Super Forms

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tekno The Canary

Shortfuse The Cybernik

Dr. Robotnik

Commander Brutus

Shadow The Hedgehog

Rouge The Bat

Super Sonic (Sonic Generations Version)-His Voice Is Done By Roger Craig Smith

Sonic The Hedgehog (Roger Craig Smith Version With His Voice)

The Order Of Magicks

Blaze The Cat

Silver The Hedgehog

The Drakon Empire

Amy Rose (Normal)


Tikal The Echidna

Dr. Zachary The Echidna

Knuckles The Echidna (STC Version)

Espio The Chameleon (STC Version)

Vector The Crocodile (STC Version)

Mighty The Armadillo (STC Version)

Nack The Weasel (STC Version)

Johnny Lightfoot (STC Version)

Exclusive Characters

The Undertaker-He Has Slightly More Intimidating Presence Wearing His Original Deadman Attire (1994-96)

Fleetway Super Amy Rose-Her Role Was Actually Switched From Being Evil To Being A Good Person She Had Long Light Green Spikes/Quills Wore An T-Shirt With An Heart On It An Yellow Ring On Both Of Her Hands, Light Tan Skirt Purple/White Shoes She Is Activated When Amy Rose Absorbs Too Much Chaos Energy She Had An Huge Heart And Was Concerned For Others Safety And Risks Her Safety To Save Them She Has 4 Daughters That She Calls Happy And Loyal To Her They Are Jessica Rose, Marianna Rose, Kirsten Rose And Kathleen Rose All Of Their Super Forms Look Exactly Like Fleetway Super Amy Rose Herself They Were Known As The Fleetway Super Group Her Fifth Daughter Allison Rose Also Had An Super Form That Looked Just Like Fleetway Super Amy Rose Herself She Is Light Green Furred

Jessica Rose

Marianna Rose

Kirsten Rose

Kathleen Rose

Allison Rose

Modern/Classic Characters

Knuckles The Echidna (Travis Willingham)

Amy Rose (Cindy Robertson)

Shadow The Hedgehog (Kirk Thornton)

Miles "Tails" Prower (Kate Higgins)

Classic Miles "Tails" Prower (Kate Higgins)

Classic Shadow The Hedgehog (Jason Griffith)

Rouge The Bat (Kathleen Straussman)

Classic Rouge The Bat (Kathleen Delaney)

Silver The Hedgehog (Quinton Flynn)

Classic Silver The Hedgehog (Pete Capella)

Classic Amy Rose (Lynn Harris)

Tikal The Echidna (Kirsten Dunst)

Espio The Chameleon (Troy Baker)

Classic Espio The Chameleon (Troy Baker)

Charmy Bee (Colleen O'Shaghaussney)

Classic Charmy Bee (Collen O'Shaghaussney)

Vector The Crocodile (Keith Silverstein)

Classic Vector The Crocodile (Keith Silverstein)

Amy Rose (Older)-Amy Has Long Pink Hair She Is Wearing An Short Sleeved Shirt Showing Her Boobs And Pink Stomach She Wears An Short Skirt And Black Sandals She Has Green Eyes

Jonathan Washington

Elizabeth Rose (Older)

Kirsten Rose (Older)

Marianna Rose (Older)

Julie Rose (Older)

Michelle Rose (Older)

Rachael Rose (Older)

Sonic The Comic Issue # 1 (1993-94)

Sonic The Hedgehog: Doomsday

  • In Underground Inside Jonathan's Base*

Older Amy Rose: *Smiles* Oh Jonathan Let's Make Our Cruiser

Jonathan: Great Idea

Older Elizabeth Rose: We'll Help

Older Kirsten Rose: Agreed

Older Marianna Rose: Yeah

Older Julie Rose: We're Great Inventors

Older Michelle Rose: You'll Be Impressed With Our Inventing Skills

Older Rachael Rose: Let's Get Started!!!! *Smiles*

  • Hours Later*

Older Amy Rose: Hooray!!!! *Smiles* It's Completed

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