An Movie

Cast Of Characters

Jonathan Washington-Jonathan Tries To Run Away But Amy.Exe Stops Him Out Of Nowhere The Real Sonic Appears And Was Horrified At What He Is Seeing He Drags Jonathan Along To The Portal Of Future City Then Sonic Uncharacteristically Sent Jonathan To Genesis City

Sonic The Hedgehog-Sonic Got Himself Sucked Into An Distorted World Sonic Realizes That He Is In Hell Sonic Dislikes Hell For Some Reason Sonic Then Sees Jonathan And Drags Him Along To The Portal Of Future City Then Sends Jonathan To Genesis City To Hide Out There While Sonic Hid Underground In His Newly Base

Shadow The Hedgehog-Miraciously Shadow Managed To Escape The Sonic.Exe World By Using Chaos Control There He Is Met By Sonic, Jonathan And But He Wasn't So Fortunate As He Was Turned Into An Exe

Exe Characters

Sonic Exe.-The Evil Version Of Sonic Makes An Retarded Noise Which Is Screetching

Amy Exe.-She Is Overly Possessive She Wants Jonathan's Soul Her Powers Are Greater She Isn't Good At Finding Jonathan Obviously Since Jonathan Is Very Tricky To Find

Knuckles Exe.-No Information

Sally Exe.-No Info

Shadow Exe.-No Info Shadow Was Turned Into This By Sonic.Exe

Tails Exe.-No Info

Julie-Su Exe.-No Info

Rosy Exe.-No Info

Rotor Exe.-No Info

Scourge.Exe-No Info

Fiona Fox.Exe-No Info

Patch.Exe-No Info

Boomer.Exe-No Info

Vector. Exe-No Info

Espio.Exe-No Info

Charmy.Exe-No Info

Ray.Exe-No Info

Mighty.Exe-No Info

Saffron.Exe-No Info

Alicia Acorn.Exe-No Info

Buns Rabbot.Exe-No Info

Genesis City Residents

Classic Amy Rose-The Very First Resident Of Genesis City She Befriends Jonathan From The Start

Amy Rose-Everyone's Favorite Pink Hedgehog Now Resides In Genesis City Amy Seems To Have Recovered From Her Panic Attack She Had Before

Gina Vendetti-The Resident Of Genesis City 

Allison Taylor-Resident Of Genesis City

Venus The Hedgehog-Resident Of Genesis City

Metal Amy Army-Residents Of Genesis City

Tahra The Hedgehog-Resident Of Genesis City

Metal Tahra Army-Residents Of Genesis City

Lisa Simpson-Resident Of Genesis City

Zia Simpson-Resident Of Genesis City

Mecha Amy Rose-Resident Of Genesis City

Mecha Amy Army-Residents Of Genesis City

Becky The Hedgehog-Resident Of Genesis City

Metal Becky Army-Residents Of Genesis City

Sally Acorn-Resident Of Genesis City And Classic Amy Rose's Co-General

Scene 1: Trapped In Hell

Jonathan: Oh God This Is Horrifying

Sonic.Exe: *Screetching*

Jonathan: I'm Getting Out Of Here *Tries To Run*

Amy.Exe: Please Don't Leave Play With Us

Sonic The Hedgehog: What The Hell Is This? *Pulls Jonathan To The Portal Of Future City*

  • In Future City*

Sonic The Hedgehog: What Was That?

Jonathan: Dude I Don't Even Know

Shadow The Hedgehog: God Dammit What's Worse Is The EXE's Are On The Loose Again

Jonathan: Seems Like We Must Use Proper Caution

Knuckles The Echidna: Okay I'm Getting Creeped Out By Those Hideous Things

Sally Acorn: Explain To Me Why We Are Here?

Jonathan: Those Motherfuckers Want My Soul Guess What? They're Not Getting It

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