Animated Series

Main Cast

Rose Adams As Amy Rose-Amy Discovers That Jonathan Was Hiding Underground From Eggman And So She Hides In There With Him She Wore Her Pink Tubetop Which Shows Her Boobs And Pink Stomach, Black Leather Pants, Black Shoes And Wore White Gloves She Is Affiliated With Team Jonathan The Hedgehog She Is Jonathan's First Girlfriend

Kirsten Dunst As Julie-Su The Echidna-The Wisecracking Female Echidna Who Doesn't Seem To Stop Pulling Pranks On Unsuspecting Friends

Maryse Ouellet As Rose The Hedgehog/Maryse The Hedgehog-Rose Is An Friendly French-Canadian Female Hedgehog Who Wears An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Light Brown Stomach, Black Leather Jeans, Black Shoes And Wore White Gloves She Had Long Light Brown Hair And Purple Eyes She Is Affiliated With Team Jonathan The Hedgehog Maryse The Hedgehog Can Do Anything That Jonathan Does Including Using Her Powers For Good Maryse Is Jonathan's Second Girlfriend And Rose Is Jonathan's Sixth Girlfriend

AJ Lee As AJ Lee The Hedgehog-AJ In These Series Is An Caring Female Hedgehog Who Will Help Everyone In Need She Has AJ's Voice And She Is Jonathan's 3rd Girlfriend She Is Very Great For Everything She Wore AJ's Clothes

Nattie "Natalya" Neidhart As Natalya The Hedgehog-Natalya Is Very Intelligent And Sexy She, Rose And Amy Rose Became Members Of Team Jonathan The Hedgehog

Sarah Michelle Gellar As Axel The Hedgehog-Axel As She Appears Is Jonathan's 4th Girlfriend She Is Dark Green Furred She Wore An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Dark Green Stomach, Black Leather Jeans, Black Shoes And She Wore White Gloves And Had Long Dark Green Hair Which Was Wavy She Is Better Suited For Using Her Brute Strength Axel Is Very Funny And Had Funny Moments She Is Often Seen With Jonathan The Hedgehog

Nikki Bella As Nikki The Hedgehog-Nikki Is Affiliated With Team Jonathan The Hedgehog Nikki's Useful Skills Include Hacking Into Computers And Neat Abilities Which Are Useful She Is Jonathan's 5th Girlfriend

Travis Willingham As Knuckles The Echidna

Terri Runnels As Tori The Hedgehog-Tori Is Jonathan's Seventh Girlfriend And The Most Sexiest Alive

Mike Pollock As Dr. Eggman

Other Characters (Sonic Characters)

Grey DeLisle As Neo Metal Amy Rose/Super Neo Metal Amy Rose-Jonathan's Creation She Is Heavily Involved In Many Of Jonathan's Plans She Wore An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Metallic Pink Stomach, Black Leather Pants, Black Shoes And Wore White Gloves She Has Extremely Long Pink Spikes, Quills And Hair

Jonathan As Jonathan The Hedgehog/Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog-Everyone's Favorite Ultimate Lifeform Returns In A Cartoon His Ultimate Form Is Caused By Using The Master Emeralds Which Robotnik Gave To Him

Gary Chalk As Dr. Robotnik

Angelina Jolie As Nicole The Hedgehog,(Christina The Hedgehog, Kathleen The Hedgehog, Lauren The Hedgehog, Michelle The Hedgehog And Alexa The Hedgehog, Luna The Hedgehog, Maggie The Hedgehog And Lisa The Hedgehog) Fun Fact: Maggie And Lisa The Hedgehog Strongly Resemble Teenager Lisa And Maggie Simpson Greatly And Has Their Looks, Clothing, Appearance And Voice, Nicole The Hedgehog Jr, Older Nicole The Hedgehog/Older Nicole The Hedgehog Jr

Dakota Fanning As Miranda The Hedgehog/Faith The Hedgehog-Miranda Is Jonathan's Best Friend And Pal Faith The Hedgehog Is Jonathan's Pal And Friend (Faith Wears An Grey Tanktop Which Shows Her Big Boobs And Stomach Dark Purple Eyes Dark Blue Pants And Black Boots) She And Miranda Are Jonathan's 6th And 7th Girlfriend Respectively Miranda Wears The Same Clothes As Faith

Season 1 Episode 1: The Creation Of Neo Metal Amy Rose (2014-15)

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Light Dashing Through The Rings* *Sees Neo Metal Amy Rose's Body* I Got It *Puts The Chaos Emeralds In Her Body*

Neo Metal Amy Rose: *Flops Up* *Smiles* Oh Thank You So Much!!!!

Tori The Hedgehog: Jonathan We've Just Been Invited By Dr. Robotnik To His Base In Scrap Brain Zone

AJ Lee The Hedgehog: Yeah

Natalya The Hedgehog: Let's Go!!!

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right!!!!

  • They Sped Off*
  • In Robotnik's Base*

Maggie The Hedgehog: Oh I See You Brought Your Metal Pink Female Friend

Neo Metal Amy Rose: Yeah

  • Axel Crashes Through The Roof*

Axel The Hedgehog: *Sticks Her Landing* Sorry About That I Was Being Pursued By The Dark Legion *Smiles* Oh Jonathan I Think I Seen Amy In Mobius Trying To Find You

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Answers The Cell Phone* Yo

  • In Mobius*

Amy Rose: *Answers* Where Are You? Robotnik's Base?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yep

Amy Rose: Right *Heads For The Base*

  • In The Base*

Axel The Hedgehog: You And Amy Should Try To Get To The Freedom HQ You Must Warn Sally Acorn Of The Suppression Squad

Season 1 Episode 2: Getting To Freedom HQ


Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Leaps Off The Swatbot's Head* Sonic Boom!!!! *Speeds Off*

Amy Rose: Weeee!!!! *Jumps Off An Swatbot* This Is Fun!!!! Good For Training Too

Jonathan The Hedgehog: What An Wonderful Place Here

Amy Rose: *Smiles* Yep I Agree Ooh I See My Pink Convertible Up Ahead

Jonathan The Hedgehog: That Thing Is Slow

Amy Rose: *Smiles With Her Hands On Her Hips* Wow I Didn't Notice It Was Slow Hold On *Fixes It Up Her Pink Ass Is Showing From Her Black Leather Pants* You Can Touch My Beautiful Pink Ass If You Want To *Smiles* I'm Fine With It

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Touches Amy's Pink Ass*

Amy Rose: *Smiles And Laughs* That Tickles That's My Tickle Spot What's Yours

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Everywhere

Amy Rose: *Smiles And Tackles Jonathan To The Ground Tickling Him*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Laughing Uncontrollably* That's The Spot I Said Not To Touch *Laughs* Just Kidding You Can Touch Me There

Amy Rose: *Smiles* We're Perfect Together

  • They Hop Into Amy's Pink Convertible*

Amy Rose: All Systems Are Ready To Go

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right Can You Step On It

Amy Rose: *Puts Her Keys Into Ignition* Here We Go!!!!

  • Amy's Pink Convertible Drives Off*

Amy Rose: *Driving* We're On The Case Immediately

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Good Thing You're Here

Amy Rose: *Driving* Of Course!!! I'm Always Here If You Need Me To Assist You On Adventures And Missions

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Agreed

  • The Pink Convertible Is Parked In The Parking Lot Of Freedom HQ*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Gets Out Of The Convertible* Oh I Think We'd Make An Great Team

Amy Rose: *Gets Out Of The Convertible* *Smiles* Agreed Since Me And You Are Speedy And Fast

  • They Enter Freedom HQ*

Sally Acorn: Oh I See You Two Are Here How Can I Help You?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Think That You Should Be Aware That The Suppression Squad Is On Their Way Here

Rosy The Rascal: Oh *Smiles* I'm Glad You Brought That To Our Attention I Was Meaning To Tell Sally About That

Miranda The Hedgehog: We Followed You Two In Our Convertible Over Here I Heard The Suppression Squad Has The Rascal Sisters Working For Them

Jessica The Rascal: Luckily I've Managed To Get Myself Out Of Their Base

Axel The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I'm The Cutest Of Them All Cause My Dark Green Ass Makes Me Attractive And My Boobs Bounce When They Jiggle I'm Jonathan's Cousin

Season 1 Episode 2: Access Denied

  • In Freedom HQ*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Just Watch They're Gonna Be Denied At The Entrance

  • Access Denied*

Amy Rose: Bwahahahahahaha Oh My They're Pissed

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Great Thinking Axel

Axel The Hedgehog: It Was My Idea *Smiles*

Amy Rose: I Was Thinking That Plan Would Work

Axel The Hedgehog: *Grabs Jonathan And They Duck Down*

  • BOOM*

Axel The Hedgehog: Quick!!!! Let's Get Out Of Here

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right *Raises His Green Master Emerald* Chaos Control!!!!!

  • They Teleport Out Of There*
  • Outside*

Axel The Hedgehog: I'm Highly Convinced That Eggman Is Trying To Kill Us Both

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Know

Axel The Hedgehog: Never Panic I'll Get Us Out Of This We Can Find Our House Over In Genesis City

  • In Jonathan And Axel's House In Genesis City*

Axel The Hedgehog: *Equips Her Building Gloves On* Well It's Time To Build Our Sports Car

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right

  • They Get To Work*
  • Minutes Later*

Axel The Hedgehog: Yay!!!! It's Done

Jonathan The Hedgehog: It's More Powerful, Invincible, Indestructible, Fully Upgraded And Updated

Axel The Hedgehog: Yeah!!!! *Smiles* It's Time To Take It For An Joyride

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